New Jersey Swimming
Advancing competitive swimming in
New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion  Committee
Chair: Deuel Stephens   [email protected]
co-athlete chairs: Luc Francis and Emma Yang
events chair: Francesca Callejas
treasurer: Elise McGirt
head of statements: Luc Francis
head of social media & graphic: Emma Yang
As the NJ Swimming Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Outreach Athlete Committee, our goal
is to foster connection and offer a safe space for allyship within the NJS LSC. Our subcommittees
have proposed ideas and possible vehicles to foster such connections.
The recent, unprecedented engagement in social and racial activism across the nation has  caused many communities to more accurately analyze and accept the history of prejudice, exclusion,  and racism towards marginalized minority groups. The New Jersey LSC Swimming community is not  exempt from this process,  and we fully accept responsibility for the current lack of diversity and inclusion initiatives available to swimmers and coaches.
We are conscious that we have not been effective allies to all swimmers and coaches of color, the members
of our community who identify as LGBTQ+, and prospective swimmers in disenfranchised and
under-resourced communities. This negligence is a direct byproduct of the culture of complacency that has
existed within our sport at many levels of competition.
OUR GOAL as the NJ Swimming DEI & Outreach Committee is to take steps to foster a more equitable
environment that fully supports all coaches and athletes. Activisim must transition into a set of tangible
goals, initiatives, and programs that will permanently cement the mision of DIVERSITY, EQUITY, and
INCLUSION work in the tacit moral code of the NJ  LSC swimming community.
We understand that making a change of this degree will take thoughtful action and long-ter commitment.
However, the long gestation period of our initiatives should not engender complacency but instead, highlight
the urgency of our situation. For our LSC to achieve these goals, it requires the engagement of the entire
swimming community and we hope that you will join us in reaching our mission.