Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my child ready to join a swim team? Absolutely! Our Learn-to-Swim program is specifically designed to prepare swimmers for competition. Talk with your swimmer's coach for a recommendation about upcoming meets or event choices for your swimmer.
  • How do I contact the coaches for questions or concerns? Before or after practice you may talk with your swimmer's coach to discuss any concerns you have. In the event that the practice being held doesn’t permit a safe conversation time, you may schedule a phone call with your swimmer's coach. Email is always convenient, too!
  • What should my swimmer eat before, during and after a practice or meet? Light meals are best. Mostly fresh fruit, carbohydrates from starches, cereals and breads. Bland food often sits better in one’s stomach than spicy food.  Swimmers should always have a water bottle (marked with their name) at every practice and meet. Water is the best way to rehydrate their body—sports drinks are acceptable but might be watered-down. At meets, light snacks like sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, crackers are best. It's better to swim a little hungry than too full. Steer clear of fast food, junk food, and concession stands at meets… the are generally not the best source of good nutrition.
  • How can I help my swimmer achieve their best?  Be supportive, encouraging and positive.  Be patient with your swimmer's progress.  Be tolerant of any mistakes or poor performances.  Be calm and dignified at sporting events . Accept wins and losses graciously. Offer praise. Encourage a well-balanced lifestyle. Encourage self-sufficiency and independence.  Be supportive rather than intrusive.
  • Should my child specialize in swimming? Should they specialize in a specific stroke or event? Each swimmer is different. Before specialization can occur, maturation of the body must take place. Once an athlete is trained and achieves good flexibility, body awareness, core body strength, and self-discipline, they'll be able to have success in many sports. Much of our development in our program centers around these concepts.
  • My child doesn’t want to compete in meets. Do they still have a place on the team? Sure! Swimming is one of the best ways to get cardiovascular exercise. While the easiest goals to set in swimming are race times, we also allow for other goals as well, such as wanting to be fit. This doesn’t mean we won’t continue to encourage competition, however. We recommend trying a few meets before deciding whether or not they are for your swimmer.
  • How can I help my swimmer set goals? We have a form that we use to help our swimmers set personal goals in each event. In addition to a goal time, we ask for the ways the swimmer will help themselves improve. This helps the athlete monitor their progress and helps keep themselves accountable.
  • Is attendance at practice mandatory? No, but it directly affects performance. You cannot reach your goals on the couch! Family, schoolwork, health and religion are all perfectly acceptable reasons for missing practices—but not laziness!  To better one's self in any endeavor, it is important to practice good habits often. If you need to leave practice early, please make sure you have a note (or an email sent prior to 3:00 PM the same day). Swimmers may be asked to stay on deck until a parent picks them up.



The documents below are general guidelines for how and when to eat and drink to prepare your body to be at its best.  From hydration, to eating before/after practice, the information here can help swimmers of any ability level.  They were put together by Coach Emilie for your use.



Most of the articles below are published by the American Swim Coaches' Association. Articles are written by the foremost authorities in USA Swimming, from administrators to coaches. Each of these individuals has had tremendous success in all aspects of the sport of swimming. Parents are encouraged to educate themselves on these topics and more, to both put the sport in perspective and get you excited about your child's participation! As applicable articles are published, they will be posted here.