Whenever you enter a meet, there are fees associated with your swimmer's events. Below is an explanation of what you can expect by entering a meet:

Reasons for the fees charged by Niagara LSC and Meet Hosts:

The meet host typically charges each swimmer for their entry into the meet (Deck Fee), their individual entries (how many swims they perform), and for their participation on relays (1/4 of total relay cost). They do this to help offset the cost of running a meet. 

Niagara LSC charges the host team a fee for each of those fees listed above regardless of the host club's willingness to charge. (LSC stands for Local Swimming Committee; it's just the terminology swimming uses instead of "league.") For instance, the Niagara LSC charges $1.25  per individual entry, therefore the host club needs to charge more than that to accommodate the swim.  The Niagara LSC has also put a cap on how much a host team can charge for these fees, so a host club cannot charge an arm and a leg. 

Typically, the surcharge the LSC puts on a meet increases when the meet is a prelim/final format (some of the swimmers benefit from multiple swims in the same event, therefore the charges go up). There is also an allowance under the fee cap to allow the host team to charge more for these entries, too.

So in general you will see the following fees in meet information supplied by the host:

Individual Entries - $6.00 and up
Relays - $12.00 and up
Deck Fee - $6.00 and up

In this example a swimmer that competes in 5 individual events and 2 relays will be responsible through our club for paying the host club $60.00.  These fees are finalized at the entry deadline posted by the host club, not based on your participation in those events.


Our club has a policy regarding relays that states that if your swimmer fails to show for the relay and it cannot be competed as a result, then your swimmer will be responsible for the entire relay fee. So if the host club charges $12 per relay and we are able to swim it, then each of the four swimmers on the relay would be charged $3.  If Swimmer A does not show and the relay cannot compete due to a lack of swimmers, then Swimmer A will be charged the $12 in total.

Clarence Surcharge

As a club, we find that the coaching expenses for meets should be shared by the swimmers in attendance of those meets, and as such we have a $10.00 surcharge on the deck fee for each swimmer entered in the meet. This helps defray the cost of the coaching we provide at these meets.

Dual Meets

We currently charge each swimmer $20 to participate in dual meets to cover the sanction fees and coaching expenses.  This is typically a smaller cost to each family then doing the same number of swims at a meet hosted by another club.  There is no additional Clarence Surcharge on these meets.


When you look at your monthly invoice, you may see a meet entry charge, such as "CLAR Oct 12 meet (4I +3R)."  This means your swimmer has been charged for 4 Individual events, 3 Relays, plus the deck fee (host cost plus CLSC $10.00 surcharge). If you ever any questions about the amount you were charged, please email our club treasurers!