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Clarence Swim Club is a member club of USA Swimming and Niagara Swimming LSC. Our club competes year-round and our swimmers range from beginners to state-, regional- and national-level competitors.

If you are new to Clarence Swim Club and would like to secure a spot for the upcoming season, please contact head coach Tom Steuer to find out more about a free, two-week trial.

Even though we're not currently in the water, we're still improving as a team. Stay in touch with Coach Tom's daily inspiration dryland workout emails, and Zoom meetings by group: Barracudas, Piranhas, Sharks, Juniors and Seniors.

Email us photos of your swim-related ways of "getting through" this pandemic and we'll post your activities on our website or social media.

Stay strong, stay safe, and stay healthy!



The mission of Clarence Swim Club is to empower competitive swimmers to be champions in and out of the water for a lifetime, emphasizing team unity and individual achievement in a safe, healthy and positive environment.


Our team's vision is to provide a healthy, well-balanced club with age-appropriate expectations. Swimmers compete at every level from Learn-to-Swim to Nationals, and maintain perspective with regards to family, school and competition through a carefully planned and progressive training regimen by professional coaches. This is achieved by creating team structures that uplift each individual with the best feedback, appropriate motivation and guided goals. We advocate swimming in the Clarence community with the support of the Clarence School District swim teams and facilities.



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