Types of Volunteer Opportunities

Committee Chairs:  

Committee or Activity Chairs are responsible for coordinating the event, collecting funds, drafting communications, determining number of volunteers, tracking volunteer hours, recruiting and delegating for their specific committee.   The Activity Coordinator will provide support and help with communications. Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs receive full credit (6 hours) for required volunteer hours.  To sign up for a position or propose a new activity contact the Activities Coordinator.  The list of open Chair positions is in the Opportunities section of the website.


Year-Long Positions:

There are some jobs that are best comlpeted all year (August-July).  These qualify for full volunteer credit for both Short Course and Long Course.  These jobs are:

  • USA Swimming Level 2 Recognition Coordinator-contact Val Zingapan
  • Safety Coordinator-contact Robin Costich
  • Website Designer*-contact Val Zingapan
  • Club Photographer*-contact Jean Fasanello (this position also could update the website or work with the designer depending on skiil level) 

*with parent supervision, High School Students may perform these jobs.


Timing at Meets: 

Bring your flip flops and shorts for the Niagara LSC Championship Meets--we will be asked to supply a timer or two for the prelims sessions at the meet.  The number of lanes and timers is divided amongst the teams in attendance based on team size.  Timing at these meets requires the volunteer to use a stop watch and record back-up times for events.  Training is provided.


Chaperoning or Helping with Club Events and Fundraising: 

For club events, such as Bowling Night, Banquet, Splash Lagoon, Carly's Club, fundraisers or the Friday Night Special, parents will be needed to chaperone, time, set-up, sell tickets or otherwise assist at those events.  See the Opportunities tab for a listing of events, contact a chairperson or look for volunteer sign up under Events.