Clarence Swim Club Activities

Contact the chairperson to participate in the event.  The chairperson will track volunteer hours.  Sign up may be available on website depending on the event. Members emails and phone numbers are available in the members directory.  Click the"Members"  tab on the very top of your screen.

To be the chairperson contact Jean Fasanello.  The Club is open to any ideas.  Let us know what you think would be a fun activity.

Keep checking back, new events and activities will be added regularly.






Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser

For our primary fundraiser, we are planning an official Swim-A-Thon. To raise money, swimmers request small (or large if they can!) donations to swim a designated amount of lengths.  


To run the event, we need three Chairpersons.  We will meet as a group to discuss ideas for the event, and then each chairperson can run with their portion. The date for the Swim-A-Thon is  set for Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Chairpersons decide on additional needed help so look for more opportunities .  Here is a summary of the jobs:

Event Coordinator

Chairperson: Sue Vansice,, 639-7656

Order club T shirts, distribute T’s on event day, coordinate with coaches, provide snack, coordinate parent helpers to help count and cheer on the swimmers, coordinate music, decorations, order prizes, etc. 

Modified Liason: Laura Meli

Awards & Party Chairperson:

Party Monday, March 1st

Plan awards ceremony/party--including food (pizza and drink or other), decorations, work with coaches and other event coordinators to determine awards, summarize results, coordinate photographer.



Splash Lagoon

Date: TBD

Chairperson: Tracy Argenteri

Volunteer Opportunity: communicate event, collect funds and documents, chaparones, car pooling, have lots of fun! Tracey Argentieri did this last year.



Idea--Kick ball one of the practices


No activies.  Study and do well at exams.  Congrats to Grads.  




Date: TBD

Carly's Crossing


Volunteer Opportunities:  Coordinate sign up for event, encourage sign up, determine team captain, motivate swimmers to collect donations, bring tent for clarence swimmers, track participants, times for mile swim, other.  Acknowledge achievement at Banquet.  


Awards Banquet

Date: TBD


Volunteer Opportunities:  Secure location, caterer, dessert, set-up, center pieces, manage event..I did this last year and can offer all my info.  if you like to plan parties--this one is for you.




Welcome Back Event

Date: 9/7

Chairperson: Jean Fasanello, Terri Modeas, Jamie Johnson

Volunteer Opportunities:  Help with registration, sell raffle tickets, caps and t's, assist new parents with process, coordinate with the DEEP End for suit fitting, bring heathy snack, set up for event, other..


Sell Raffle Tickets

Date: 9/12-9/26 

Chairperson: Jean Fasanello and Jamie Johnson

Volunteer Opportunities:  During practice, set up baskets, sell raffle tickets.  Sign up is available on Website.


 Caves or Maze or Movies (13 and over)

Date:  10/22 

Chairperson: Susan Butler

Volunteer Opportunity: Chaparone, Bring Snacks, other..


Friday Night Special w/bonus games (12 and under)

Date: 11/4

Perfect event to practice and prepare for East Aurora Meet.

Chairperson: Jamie Johnson, Robin Costich and Renata Towne

Volunteer Opportunities:  Running games, timing, serving snacks, deck/locker room attending, other..



Bowling Party and Gift Exchange 

$17 for bowling, shoes, pizza, drinks and snacks.  To participate in gift exchange, bring unisex gift or gift card valued at $15.  Sign up by 12/2. Sign up is on-line and cost will be applied to your swimming account.

Location: Clarence Bowling

Date: 12/23

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm (12 and under)

            8:30 pm - 10:30pm (13 and up)

Co-Chairpersons: Jackie Kraus and Gail Dworzanski

Volunteer Opportunity:  Chaperone, serve pizza, coordinate gift exchange.  Need 6 from 6-8 pm. Sign up on line

Volunteer Opportunities: Chaperone, serve pizza, coordinate gift exchange.  Need 3 for 8:30 - 10:30 pm Sign up on line