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2019 Niagara LSC Select Camp


Niagara LSC’s inaugural LSC Select Camp took place December 15th, 2019 at the Rochester Institute of Technology. 49 swimmers (25 boys/24 girls) ages 9-11 from 24 clubs came together to make new friends and try something new.

The selection criteria for this camp was the 10 and under 2018-19 SCY IMR score. 

Activities included the Swim Venture Quest, creating your own swim meet (pictured below to the left), vertical kicking and starts, turns and finishes to name a few.  The swimmers' evaluations revealed the overwhelming favorite activity was the SWIM VENTURE QUEST coming in at 80%.




Our Age Group Development Committee will be hosting another LSC Select Camp in 2020 with the format and selection criteria coming out in the first half of 2020. 

Thank you to our sponsors: Niagara LSC, TYR, SPEEDO, NIKE, and The Deep End.

Special thanks to Phil Baretela, RIT Head Men's and Women's Swimming Coach and Head Coach of the Select Camp, for helping secure the facility, which was perfect for our needs. Also, thank you to our staff and senior swimmers for sharing their time and expertise as volunteers.  


Marcia Callan Camp Director/ NI AG Development Committee Chair

Dani Richards NI Age Group Chair