2020-2021 Observed and Approved Meet Schedule
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Observed Meets

Date(s) Observation # Meet Name Location Files
10/24/2020 NI2021-OHS01

Fairport/Webster/Pittsford/Victor Virtual Invite

Webster Aquatic Center/Pittsford Mendon HS

10/27/2020 NI2021-OHS02

Fairport/Rush Henrietta/Webster/Victor/Pittsford/Greece Virtual Invite

Fairport High School, Webster Aquatic Center, Pittsford Mendon High School

10/31/2020 NI2021-OHS03

Pittsford/Fairport/ Victor/Greece Virtual Invite

Pittsford Mendon High School/Victor High School

11/7/2020 NI2021-OHS04 Virtual Invite Victor/Fairport /Hilton/Gates Chili Victor HS/Merton Williams MS ZIP
11/19 - 21 NI2021-OHS06 Section V Girls Swimming Championships Webster Aquatic Center

Class A
Class B
Class C

12/19 NI2021-OHS07 Virtual Invite Fairport/Greece/Victor/Canandaigua/Hilton/Rush Henrietta Fairport HS/Victor HS/Merton Williams MS ZIP
1/9/2021 NI2021-OHS08 Virtual Invite Fairport/Webster/Rush Henrietta/Greece/Pittsford/Hilton Fairport HS/Rush Henrietta HS/Pittsford Mendon HS ZIP
1/16 NI2021-OHS11

Virtual Invite Pittsford/Fairport/Victor/Canandaigua

Pittsford Mendon HS/Victor HS

1/19 NI2021-OHS12

Virtual Invite Churchville/Fairport/Victor/Penfield

Churchville Chili HS/Victor HS

1/23 NI-2021-OHS14 Virtual Invite Fairport/Rush Henrietta/Pittsford/Greece Fairport HS/Pittsford Mendon HS ZIP
1/23 NI2021-OHS15


Waverly High School Pool

1/30 NI-2021-OHS17 Virtual Invite Fairport/Hilton/Rush Henrietta/Pittsford Merton Williams MS/ Rush Henrietta HS ZIP
2/9 - 2/12 NI2021-OHS13

Section V Championships

Webster Aquatic Center Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D
2/26 - 2/27 NI2021-OHS23 ECIC Boys Championshps Various

Orchard Park
Will South

2/27 NI2021-OHS16

2021 CCAA Boys Swimming and Diving Championships

Olean Intermediate Middle School

2/27 (Tentative) NI2021-OHS22

MMHSAA 2021 All Catholic Swimming Championships

Tonawanda Aquatic Center

2/27 NI2021-OHS24 Section IV Boys Champs Corning High School (Only approved venue currently) ZIP
3/2 NI2021-OHS18 Section VI Boys Round 1 Championships Various East Aurora
3/5 NI2021-OHS19 Section VI Boys Round 2 Championships Various Orchard Park
3/9 NI2021-OHS20 Section VI Boys Round 3 Championships Various Orchard Park
3/12 NI2021-OHS21 Section VI Boys Round 4 Championships Various Orchard Park
4/17 NI2021-OHS025 IAC Championships Watkins Glen ZIP
4/19 - 4/23 NI2021-OHS026 OHSL Girls Championships Mexico High School
Skaneateles YMCA
CBA vs. Mexico

New Hartford vs. Mexico

4/22 - 4/24 NI2021-OHS027 Section IV Class C Watkins Glen ZIP
4/22 - 4/24 NI2021-OHS028 Section IV Ernie Davis  

Approved Meets

Date(s) Approval # Meet Name Location Files