Niagara LSC Bid Calendar & Sanction Process

The process for bidding to host any one of the various Niagara LSC meets is as follows: 30 days prior to the HOD meeting, the Administrative Vice Chair, Meet Sanction Coordinator and Technical Planning Committee will put out a bid calendar of the meets for the upcoming season. Teams will have 14 days to submit a sanction application to host an LSC meet to the Administrative Vice-chair. The prospective "competitive calendar" for the upcoming season will be posted on the website 7 days prior to the HOD meeting. Any conflicts or multiple request to hold a meet will be resolved by majority vote at the House of Delegates meeting. 

Please read and follow the Bid Calendar instructions in their entirety. 

Applying for a Sanction

NI Swimming Meet Announcement Checklist 

Current Bid Calendar

Archived Bid Calendars