Niagara LSC Bid Calendar & Sanction Process

The process for bidding to host any one of the various Niagara LSC meets is as follows: 30 days prior to the HOD meeting, the Administrative Vice Chair, Meet Sanction Coordinator and Technical Planning Committee will put out a bid calendar of the meets for the upcoming season. Teams will have 14 days to submit a sanction application to host an LSC meet to the Administrative Vice-chair. The prospective "competitive calendar" for the upcoming season will be posted on the website 7 days prior to the HOD meeting. Any conflicts or multiple requests to hold a meet will be resolved by a majority vote at the House of Delegates meeting. 

Please read and follow the Bid Calendar instructions in their entirety. 

Applying for a Sanction

NI Swimming Meet Announcement Checklist 

USA Swimming Guidance for COVID-19 Requirements

Current Bid Calendar

Notes on the calendar

  • Any weekend not indicated as closed (for a Niagara Meet) is open to apply for starting immediately. 
  • The Niagara Meets will be handled differently this year. Each of the Niagara Meets will be bid on 12/4. Bids can be submitted at any time. 
    • If there are multiple bids for a meet, the Executive Committee will review and make a decision.
    • A meeting may be scheduled between the meet host, tech planning, and any other required people. This will be to review the restrictions involved and make sure a meet can be safely held. If it can, the formats will be finalized at that time and published ASAP. If it cannot, the weekend will be opened up for any clubs that might be able to hold a meet (if desired)

Archived Bid Calendars