Niagara LSC Committees

Last Updated 9/24/2020

Athlete Committee

Aidan Delehanty
Natalie Killion
Robert (Bobby) Diel
Elle Noecker
Celeste Keyes
Makaila Hall
Josh Stegner
Thalia Marquez
Emma Luttrell
Annie Ritter
(Chair) Suzanne Sokolowski
Alexandra Switalski


Finance VC -
Peter Koenig

Finance VC - Peter Koenig
General Chair - Jim Stromski
Treasurer - Paul O'Keefe
Senior VC - Kim Corby
Senior Athlete - Suzanne Sokolowski
Senior Coach - 
Phil Baretela
Admin VC - Colin Adams
Age Group Chair - Dani Richards

Coaches Committee

Sr Coach - Phil Baretela
Jr Coach - Phil Aronica
Additional coaches to be named by Sr Coach as needed 

Finance Committee

Non-Athlete Members
Peter Koenig (Chair) - Finance VC
Jim Stromski - General Chair
Colin Adams - Admin VC
Paul O'Keefe - Treasurer

Athlete Members
Josh Stegner - Athlete
Natalie Killion - Athlete 


Chairperson - Fred Leff
Official 1 - Sharlene Ransford (Rochester)
Official 2 - June Mundt (Buffalo)
Official 3 - Pete Warren (S. Tier)


Operational Risk and Safe Sport

Non-Athlete Members
(Chair) Leo Gibbons
June Mundt
Becky Sapio

Athlete Members
Natalie Killion
Annie Ritter


Technical Planning

Non-Athlete Members
Will Chidsey (Chair)
Dani Richards (Age Group Chair)
Colin Adam (Senior VC)
Jim Stromski (General Chair)
Courtney Christ (Disability Chair)
Kim Corby (Senior Chair)
Phil Aronica (Coach Rep)
Phil Baretela (Coach Rep)
Becky Sapio TWST
Rob Wahl WEBS
Mike Mayer UNAC

Athlete Members
Alexandra Switalski STAR
Bobby Diel SYCH
Josh Stgner STAR
Aiden Delehanty RRST
Emma Luttrell SYCH
Natalie Killion CLSC

Member 1 - to be named       
Member 2 - to be named       
Colin Adams- Admin VC Ex-officio

Disability Committee

Non-athlete Members
(Chair) Courtney Christ
Will Chidsey- Tech Planning
Dani Richards- Age Group Chair
Jim Stromski
Mike Burgess
Jean Lalomia
Rudy Kurniawan
Jade Anthony

Athlete Members
Bobby Diel
Elle Noechker
Katie Donaghue
Suzanne Sokolowski 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Non-Athlete Members
(Chair) Michael Switalski - BCSR
Eric Stimson - UN
Khadija El Ghissassi - VRTX
Austin Nau - RRST
Andre Cropper - FAST

Athlete Members:
Katie Donaghue - SYCH
Celeste Keyes - FAST

Mikaila Hall - TTSC
Bobby Diel - SYCH

Governance Committee

Non-Athlete Members
(Chair) Marci Callan
Tom Steuer
Dave Muratore

Kori Wolcott

Athlete Members
Andrew Clough

Celeste Keyes
Aiden Delehanty


National Times Verification
Eric Stimson
1185 Doebler Drive
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
(716) 930-0238

Niagara Top Ten / Records
Eric Stimson


Age Group Development Committee

Non-Athlete Members
Marci Callan, Chair 
Dani Richards 
Kim Corby
Phil Baretela 
Phil Aronica 
Carly Jones
Mike Cutler
Jon Husson

Athlete Members
Alex Switalski 
Aiden Delehanty
Elle Noecker
Annie Ritter 

Senior/High Performance Committee

Non-Athlete Members:
Kim Corby (Chair)
Dani Richards, AG Chair
TJ Day
Rob Wahl
Becky Sapio
Chris Everett
Caren Barnes
Marci Callan

Athlete Members:
Molly Brennan
Alex LaPoint
Emma Luttrell