Fall House of Delegates Meeting

This agenda is subject to change!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Due to the way that the House of Delegates meeting schedule came together, a general lunch will *not* be provided prior to the House of Delegates meeting. We will, however, provide lunch to Officials attending the morning meetings and training clinics. With most attendees arriving onsite at Noon or later, there should be ample time to have a late breakfast/early lunch prior to arrival. We will, however, have snacks available for the HoD, Athlete, and Coaches meetings.

Monroe Community College, Rochester
Driving Directions - Campus Map

Officials Meeting -- Building 8 Room 300

Officials Committee -- 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM 

Officials Meeting (all officials) -- 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM 

Break Out Rooms 10:00AM - 12:00PM

  • S&T Clinic -- Room 8-300
  • Ref/Starter Clinic -- Room 8-100
  • AO Clinic -- Room 8-200

Meet Directors Workshop - Please write to Eric/Colin if you need a Meet Director Training - admin@niagaraswim.org and adminvc@niagaraswim.org 

Athletes Meeting -- After HOD 3 PM - 5 PM in Room 8-100

Coaches Meeting -- After HOD 3 PM - 5 PM in Room 8-200

HOD Registration beginning at 12:00 in room 8-300 (Building 8 Room 300)

Fall House of Delegates Meeting at 12:30 PM in room 8-300 (Building 8 Room 300)

Contributing to a House of Delegates Discussion

In the hopes of an efficient and productive meeting!

Once the previous speaker has finished and you have been acknowledged by the General Chairman…

  • Stand up, introduce yourself, and state the name of the swim club you are representing.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.
  • Stay on subject and avoid personal attacks.
  • State your motion or idea affirmatively:

    “I feel that we should…,” rather than “I feel that we should not…”.

  • Most importantly:

Be certain that you have a thorough understanding of the topic at hand before speaking, in order to avoid erroneous discussion!

Roll Call

Reading, correction and adoption of minutes of previous meeting: Spring 2019 HOD PDF

Reports of officers:

General Chairman:

Administrative Vice-Chairman:

Age Group Vice-Chairman: PDF

Senior Group Vice-Chairman: PDF

Finance Vice-Chairman: PDF

Technical Planning: 

Coach Representative Report: 

Athlete Representatives Report:

Operational Risk and Safe Sport:

Operational Risk and Safe Sport Report

USA Swimming Summary

Niagara LSC ROO Summary

Niagara LSC Monthly/Yearly Data

USA Swimming Safe Sport Recognition - Started/Completed Counts 

Treasurer's Report:

2018-2019 YTD Profit/Loss Statement


878 athletes contrinuted to the 5306 times that make up the Niagara LSC Top Ten Lists. Click here to see them all!

There were 23 athletes that achieved 90 Eastern Zone Top Ten times - Click here to see them all!

There were 6 athletes that acehieved 14 National Top Ten Times - Click here to see them all!

Records Set in 2019

Time Standard Achievement:

2014-2019 Report for Fastest Standard (PDF) - (Athlete will be counted once for the single highest time standard they have swum across all events)

2014-2019 Report for Each Standard (PDF) - (Athlete will be counted for each time standard they have swum across all events)

Splashes by Event: 2013-2019 Report (PDF)


Current Club Statistics: 2018-2019 (PDF) - This is now available as a link under governance and will be updated periodically.       

Athlete Registrations Graph:  2004-2019 (PDF)

Trends: 2011-2019 Report (PDF)

Reports of committees and coordinators

Officials Report:

Chair's Report   

Officials Percentages

Legislation/By-Laws Report: Adopted Legislation at USA Swimming HOD Meeting (PDF)

Finance Committee: Report (PDF)

Disability Report: Report (PDF)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report: PDF


Unfinished (old) business


New business

Proposal for change to bylaws: 

Proposal for change to Polices and Procedures:

Niagara Unclaimed Funds Policy

Request to remove old reference to 604.1 from Policies and Procedures

Items for ratification - the following items have been added or modified by the BOD since the previous HOD meeting:

Page 14 - Athlete Travel Reimbursement - Futures Alternative

Page 20 - Organization Pre-Payment of Splash Fees

Exhibit F - Athlete Criteria for AOY Award

Full P&P Listing all changes since May HOD

Approval of May-August 2019 Bid-Calendar

2020 Summer Bid Announcement

2020 Summer (May - August) Bid Calendar for HOD Approval


Election of Niagara Age Group Chair (will fill remainder of term through 8/31/2020)

Bio - Dani Richards (Current Appointed AGC)

Elections for Niagara Governance Committee:

This is NEW so please read carefully!


  1. To assist in periodic evaluation of the mission and vision statements and the Bylaws of NISI;
  2. To aid in the development of operating policies regarding conflict of interest (Board and staff), document retention, ethics, whistle-blower, procurement, contract review, grievance and other employment-related practices, etc.;
  3. To aid in the development of personnel practices procedure including job descriptions and annual review of staff;
  4. To ensure that the Board’s focus remains on the strategic plan;
  5. To aid in the development of expectations and processes for accountability of Board members;
  6. To develop criteria for the qualities and required characteristics of Board officers;
  7. To lead Board succession planning by assessing current and anticipated needs for Board composition and identifying and recruiting potential Board members;
  8. To nominate Board members and other coordinator or chair positions to be elected by the House of Delegates consistent with the matrix of skills, demographics, and talents needed;
  9. To publish the slate of candidates to the NISI membership at least twenty (20) days prior to the election. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the House of Delegates by voting members of the House of Delegates;
  10. To design and implement Board orientation and an ongoing program of Board education and development; and
  11. To lead periodic assessment of the Board’s performance (as a whole and of individual members) and make recommendations to enhance Board effectiveness.

Presentation of Volunteer of the Year

Presentation of Athlete of the Year Awards

Presentation of Coach of the Year Awards

Resolutions and orders



Presentation by Samatha Livingston - Athlete Wellness -- Building 8 Room 300 -- approximately 2:00PM

Athletes Meeting -- 3 PM - 5 PM in Room 8-100

Samantha Livingston will address the athletes from 3:00PM - 3:30PM

Coaches Meeting -- 3 PM - 5 PM in Room 8-200

Samantha Livingston will address the coaches from 3:30PM - 4:00PM