Spring House of Delegates Meeting

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Virtual Meeting

Officials Meeting - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

  • Year in review, Officials Budget, hot topics,  and general discussion about swimming and officiating.
  • Officials chair election will be held through TeamApp.

Coaches Meeting and Election - 11:30 - 12:30 PM

  • Junior Coach Representative election - During the meeting the Junior Coach Representative will be determined by majority vote of coaches in good standing present and voting.  You must have a valid coach's membership (all requirements) to vote.

Athletes Meeting - 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Registration for HOD has been emailed out: Clubs are required to submit the Club Member Representative and their Athlete Representative to be included for HOD. Guests are also required to request participation which will be approved by the General Chair. If you have not already, you must email [email protected] with that information ASAP.

Spring House of Delegates Meeting - Starting at 1:30PM

Roll Call

Approval of the House Rules

Approval of Alex Switalski as At-Large Member of Executive Committee (this will also make her part of the HOD) 

Reading, correction and adoption of previous minutes:

Reports of officers

General Chairman: Report

Age Group Vice-Chairman: Report

Senior Group Vice-Chairman: Report

Finance Vice-Chairman: Report

Technical Planning: Report

Athlete Representatives: Report

Safe Sport/Safety:

Treasurer's Report:

  • Budget versus Actual                                                                                      

Reports of committees and coordinators


Legislation / By-Laws: After legal review, some changes to the bylaws were required. These changes will be reflected in the copy we post as the meeting gets closer. If you spot any really egrigious errors (like the fact that there is no longer an Eastern Zone Board of Review!), please let [email protected] know so we can bring them up and clear that out.

Disability: Report

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: DEI Chair Report PDF

Niagara LSC Records: 2020 Records


  • Athlete Registrations Graph
    • ​Although the season was cut short (and 6/1 started the 2021 season) we were trending about 1% behind last year. That's not bad at all for being in what should have been the last year of an olympic cycle. It will be very difficult to compare numbers for 2020 and 2021 to any other season since there has been so much change and disruption. 
  • Current Club Statistics 
    • This report is updated (somewhat sporadically) and it located on the niagaraswim.org page under the governance tab (for now!)
  • LSC Membership Trends Report          



New business

Discussion on bid calendar

  • Calendar (xlsx)
  • This meet calendar is not official. It is a mock calendar. We will not be bidding on meets at this HOD. An official Bid calendar will be sent out later in the summer. At the Fall HOD, we will vote on the official meet calendar once we have a better grasp on what season may look like with the current pandemic. The calendar shown is to give teams an idea of what weekends could look like with regards to meets based on last year's meet calendar. This is not an official calendar and you are not required to host a meet on the weekend listed.

Petition to Join Niagara LSC - Oneida Dolphins (currently in Adirondack LSC) - requires majority vote

  • This has been approved by the Adirondack LSC. Will now require Niagara LSC approval.

Proposal for Amendment to the bylaws 

Proposal 1 - Membership (requires a 2/3 vote)

Proposal to ratify NYS Required Changes to the Bylaws

Current Revision with changes (requires a 2/3 vote)


The following items will be presented as a single consent item. If you wish to pull an item for discussion, please do so when instructed by using the Raise Hand feature or by indicating in the chat. For clarity, please include the Item Letter you wish to pull.

Proposal for Policies and Procedures Amendments 

Item A - Proposal 1 - Electronic Posting Policies (requires a majority vote)

Item B - Proposal 2 - Junior Athlete Job Description (requires a majority vote)

Proposal to ratify Niagara Policies and Procedures

Item C - ​Zone Team Policies and Procedures (Markup) or Clean Version (requires a majority vote)

​Item D - Niagara LSC Policies and Procedures (Markup) - Updated 6/5 (requires a majority vote)

  • ​I've made this a PDF so that changes can be seen without needing to open in Word
  • I've moved some more items around (there were no P&P changes, just housekeeping)
  • ​Changes made start with Appendix A and involve cleaning and to streamline chair roles and job descriptions. There is still a lot of housekeeping to be done!

Proposal to approve 2020-2021 Niagara Budget

Niagara Elections​ - If there are no nominations from the floor, this will be voted on as a single item by acclamation (we will simply ask for an "all in favor" vote and you will use the Yes/No voting feature in Zoom)

Administrative Vice Chair - Colin Adams
Age Group Vice Chair - Dani Richards
Technical Planning Chair - Will Chidsey
Treasurer - No nominations at this time

The following will take place outside of the HOD meeting

Officials Chair (Through TeamApp - votes due by 6PM on 6/5)

Junior Coach Representative - Held during coaches meeting - Phil Aronica

Resolutions and orders - None at this time

Presentation of the Phillips 66 Outstanding Service Award