Fall House of Delegates Meeting

This agenda is subject to change!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Coaches Meeting -- 8 AM 

The coach's meeting prior to HOD will take place on Sunday, 9/26 at 8:00 AM. The two topics of the meeting will include Coaches Education and Future Coaches of the Year criteria. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

A link was sent to all head coaches and club contacts. Please ask them (or distribute) accordingly. If you didn't receive one, please email [email protected].

Any other questions - [email protected]

Officials Meeting -- There is an officials committee meeting on 9/16. The committee will discuss a date for an "all officials" meeting and clinics. More information will be sent by the officials when ready.

Meet Directors Workshop - Please write to Eric/Colin if you need a Meet Director Training - [email protected] and [email protected] 

Athletes Meeting -- 11 AM (after the HOD Meeting)

  • Athlete Rep introductions
  • General Chair introduction and discussion of plans 
  • LSC Leadership Summit presentation
  • Committee Updates


Fall House of Delegates Meeting at 9:00 AM
All voting members of the HOD must complete a disclosure before attending.

The club delegate list is now set.

CLUB Club Member Delegate Disclosure Requirement Club Athlete Delegate Disclosure Requirement
BAAC Martina Puzanovova Complete Veronika Puzanovova* NA - Non- Voting
BRAD Caren Barnes Complete Laryssa Webster Complete
BSSC Robert Szkotak Complete Colin Szkotak Complete
CATO Renee' Williams Complete XXX XXX
CAQY Mike Gleason Complete Rachel Hogan  
CLSC Thomas Steuer Complete Nick Wong Complete
EAST Christopher Musshafen Complete William Herr Complete
FAST Marcia Callan   Alex Palmer  
FKVL Jennifer Landow Complete XXX XXX
GGST Jason Westervelt Complete Thalia Marquez* NA - Non-Voting
GRAT Jenny Potter Complete XXX XXX
GVSL Joseph Reitz Complete XXX XXX
GVST Lori Brandes Complete Ellie LaBenne Complete
HAST Kris Runyon Complete Jake Runyon Complete
ISWM Steve Clapp   Carter Anderson  
JETS Zac Mekker Complete Ashley Konz  
MERC Chris Everett Complete Joleigh Crye  
METS Lois Zedack Complete Carolyn Zedack  
MRLN Deborah Burke   Daniella Thompson Complete
ONEI Emily Lapier Complete Porter Russ  
PACK Beth Ritter Complete Nakai Chinogwenya  
PMSC Morgan Monroe Complete Lucas Monroe  
SDSC Doug Heyden Jr   Ally Visconte Complete
SKAN Seth Williams   XXX XXX
STAR Thomas J Day Complete Josh Stegner Complete
STSC William G. Meade Complete XXX XXX
SYCH Morgan Harrington Complete Connor Burke  
TIDE Rick Aronberg Complete Anthony Visiko  
TTSC Tim Bennett Complete Maya Marcyan  
TWST Becky Sapio Complete Benjamin Kisker Complete
UNAC Tom Cocco Complete Maria Pignatelli Complete
VICT Mike Murray   Erin DeHollander Complete
WEBS Charles Evans   Katy Shaw Complete

Contributing to a House of Delegates Discussion

In the hopes of an efficient and productive meeting!

Once the previous speaker has finished and you have been acknowledged by the General Chairman…

  • Stand up, introduce yourself, and state the name of the swim club you are representing.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.
  • Stay on subject and avoid personal attacks.
  • State your motion or idea affirmatively:

    “I feel that we should…,” rather than “I feel that we should not…”.

  • Most importantly:

Be certain that you have a thorough understanding of the topic at hand before speaking, in order to avoid erroneous discussion!

Roll Call

Approval of the House Rules (this will be updated when the number of participants is established).

Reading, correction and adoption of minutes of previous meeting: Spring 2021 HOD PDF

Reports of officers:

(Reports will not be read, but questions about the reports will be answered)

General Chairman: Report (PDF)

Administrative Vice-Chairman:

Age Group Vice-Chairman: Report (PDF)

Senior Group Vice-Chairman: Report (PDF)

Finance Vice-Chairman: Report (PDF)

Technical Planning: Report (PDF)

Coach Representative Report: Report

Athlete Representatives Report: Report (PDF)

Operational Risk and Safe Sport: Report (docx) - Accident Summary (PDF) - ROO Monthly/Yearly (xlsx)- NI LSC ROO's (xlsx)

Treasurer's Report: YTD vs Budget (2020-2021) (PDF) - Balance Sheet (PDF) - Budget Overview (2021-2022) (PDF) - Budget vs Actual (2020-2021) (PDF)

Reports of committees and coordinators

Athlete Wellness Report: Report (PDF)

Officials: Report (PDF)

Legislation/By-Laws Report: USA Swimming HOD Proposed Legislation

Disability Report: Report (PDF)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report: PDF

Times: Congratulations to the following record setters!

Victor Swim Club - Noah Kneeland, Landon Ray, Wesley Harris, and Owen Rademacker - broke the 11-12 Boys 800 LCM FR-R  at the 2021 LE TCAT Midsummer Swim Meet. Their time of 10:09.40 broke the previous record of 10:28.65 set in 1984.  

STAR Swimming - Ian Hewett - Broke the 15-16 Boys 200 SCY Backtroke at the STAR Spring Invite. His time of 1:50.13 broke the previous record of 1:50.82 held by Ricky Henahan of FAST (2006). 

Women's Top Ten 2021 - Yards
Men's Top Ten 2021 - Yards

Women's Top Ten 2021 - Long Course Meters
Men's Top Ten 2021 - Long Course Meters

Scholastic All American (click for previous years):

Congratulations to our 2021 SAA Winners:

Last Name First Name Gender Club #Years
Griffin Zoey F STAR Swimming 1
Noecker Elle F Town Wreckers Swim Team 1
Trietly Alexis F Bradford Family YMCA 1
Von Holtz Alexa F Mexico Tiger Sharks 1
Hewett Ian M STAR Swimming 1
McNutt Ryan M CPP River Hawks 1


Membership: 2022 Membership is now posted (click here). Please note, it cannot be processed until 9/1 but feel free to send items in if needed. 

Unfinished (old) business

New business

2021-2021 Winter (Sept-April) Bid Announcement

Current Calendar

Notes on the calendar

  • Any weekend not indicated as closed (for a Niagara Meet) is open to apply for starting immediately. 
  • The Niagara Meets will be handled differently this year. Each of the Niagara Meets will be bid on 12/4. Bids can be submitted at any time. 
    • If there are multiple bids for a meet, the Executive Committee will review and make a decision.
    • A meeting may be scheduled between the meet host, tech planning, and any other required people. This will be to review the restrictions involved and make sure a meet can be safely held. If it can, the formats will be finalized at that time and published ASAP. If it cannot, the weekend will be opened up for any clubs that might be able to hold a meet (if desired)

Proposal for Policies and Procedures Amendments 

The following items will be presented as a single consent item. If you wish to pull an item for discussion, please do so when instructed by using the Raise Hand feature or by indicating in the chat. For clarity, please include the Item Letter you wish to pull.

Policy Proposal - Outreach Club Reimbursement Program - DEI, Finance, and the Executive Committee have met and discussed this proposal with a recommendation to approve. Given the potential to spend $35,000, we feel that it is best to have HOD approval before moving on. This proposal is in addition to the current Outreach Meet Fee and Equipment program. 

Proposal to Amend the bylaws of Niagara Swimming (not required at this time)

Ratification of Policies and Procedures Amended by the Executive Committee since the last HOD 

Approval of Committee Membership

Niagara Elections​ - If there are no nominations from the floor, this will be voted on as a single item by acclamation (we will simply ask for an "all in favor" vote and you will use the Yes/No voting feature in Zoom)

Governance Committee

Presentation of Age Group Athletes of the Year and All-Star Team

Presentation of Senior Athletes of the Year and All-Star Team

Presentation of Age Group and Senior Coach of the Year Awards

Presentation of Volunteers of the Year

Resolutions and orders