Spring House of Delegates Meeting


Update 4/3 @ 10AM - There will be a tentative Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, April 7th, at 8PM. As we have in the past, the meeting will only be held if someone in the LSC wishes to have discussion and registers for the meeting. Registration can be found here https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMsdOyhqTsvHtCou2p0EPcn0vzyZD47gX1B 

Update 4/1 @ 9:30 - THe athletes will be holding their meeting prior to HOD starting at 9AM. The information has been sent out to the Head Coaches, Club Contacts, and those listed as voting delegates. If you need the link, please email [email protected]

Update 3/18 @ 6PM - The coaches meeting will be held on Saturday March 27th at 1:30 PM. Zoom link was sent out to the coaches and club contacts today. The main topic of discussion will be the Mental Health First Aid Training with Samantha Livingstone taking place After HOD (April 10th at 1:00 PM). If you did not get a link, please write to the coaches - [email protected]

Update - 3/15 @ 9PM - We plan on running the Official, Coach, and Athlete meetings separately from the HOD. They will be held leading up to 4/10 and information will be sent out for each one. HOD will start at 10AM. There will be an Athlete Wellness Coach training opportunity scheduled for 1-5PM. More information on that training will be forthcoming.


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Virtual Meeting - In order to participate, a club must be registered in good standing. Guests are welcome at the discretion of the General Chair.

Registration for HOD is now closed. The voting delegates are listed in the table below. IMMEDIATELY upon entering the zoom meeting, rename yourself according to the table. There are no spaces around the dashes (only between first and last name):

Club FirstName LastName ZOOM NAME Athlete or Non-Athlete
AMTS Mike Giancarlo V-AMTS-Mike Giancarlo Non-Athlete
BAAC Elliot Borden V-BAAC-Elliot Borden Athlete
BAAC Martina Puzanov V-BAAC-Martina Puzanov Non-Athlete
BCSR Rick Aronberg V-BCSR-Rick Aronberg Non-Athlete
BCSR Cooper Mattice V-BCSR-Cooper Mattice Athlete
BRAD Caren Barnes V-BRAD-Caren Barnes Non-Athlete
BRAD Lexie Trietley V-BRAD-Lexie Trietley Athlete
CAQY Mike Gleason V-CAQY-Mike Gleason Non-Athlete
CAQY Rachel Hogan V-CAQY-Rachel Hogan Athlete
CAST Brian Tobin V-CAST-Brian Tobin Non-Athlete
CATO Renee Williams V-CATO-Renee Williams Non-Athlete
CLSC Tom Steuer V-CLSC-Tom Steuer Non-Athlete
CLSC Nick  Wong V-CLSC-Nick  Wong Athlete
CVSC Jerry Roberts V-CVSC-Jerry Roberts Non-Athlete
EAST Chris Musshafen V-EAST-Chris Musshafen Non-Athlete
FAST Marci Callan V-FAST-Marci Callan Non-Athlete
FAST Ella Guilfoil V-FAST-Ella Guilfoil Athlete
FKVL Jennifer Landow V-FKVL-Jennifer Landow Non-Athlete
GGST Jason Westervelt V-GGST-Jason Westervelt Non-Athlete
GRAT Jenny Potter V-GRAT-Jenny Potter Non-Athlete
GRAT Sydney Richards V-GRAT-Sydney Richards Athlete
GRSC Stephanie Kelley V-GRSC-Stephanie Kelley Non-Athlete
GRSC Amelia  Richards V-GRSC-Amelia  Richards Athlete
GVSL Dave Muratore V-GVSL-Dave Muratore Non-Athlete
HAST Calista Amering V-HAST-Calista Amering Non-Athlete
HAST Alayna Miller V-HAST-Alayna Miller Athlete
HAWK Lily Palacio V-HAWK-Lily Palacio Non-Athlete
JETS Ashley Konz V-JETS-Ashley Konz Athlete
JETS Zac Mekker V-JETS-Zac Mekker Non-Athlete
MERC Joleigh Crye V-MERC-Joleigh Crye Athlete
MERC Chris Everett V-MERC-Chris Everett Non-Athlete
OLSC Dan Ignacio  V-OLSC-Dan Ignacio  Non-Athlete
PACK Beth Ritter V-PACK-Beth Ritter Non-Athlete
PMSC Jade Anthony V-PMSC-Jade Anthony Non-Athlete
RRST Dan Delehanty V-RRST-Dan Delehanty Non-Athlete
RRST Aidan Delehanty V-RRST-Aidan Delehanty Athlete
SDSC Doug Heyden V-SDSC-Doug Heyden Non-Athlete
SDSC Ally  Visconte V-SDSC-Ally  Visconte Athlete
SKAN Seth Williams V-SKAN-Seth Williams Non-Athlete
STAR TJ Day V-STAR-TJ Day Non-Athlete
STAR Josh Stegner V-STAR-Josh Stegner Athlete
STSC Bill Meade V-STSC-Bill Meade Non-Athlete
SYCH Katie Donaghue V-SYCH-Katie Donaghue Athlete
SYCH Morgan Harrington V-SYCH-Morgan Harrington Non-Athlete
TTSC Tim Bennett V-TTSC-Tim Bennett Non-Athlete
TTSC Erin Cavanaugh  V-TTSC-Erin Cavanaugh  Athlete
TWST Becky Sapio V-TWST-Becky Sapio Non-Athlete
TWST Luke Sapio V-TWST-Luke Sapio Athlete
VICT Mike Murray V-VICT-Mike Murray Non-Athlete
VICT Katie Senglaub V-VICT-Katie Senglaub Athlete
WEBS Charles Evans V-WEBS-Charles Evans Non-Athlete
WEBS Lauren Schreiner  V-WEBS-Lauren Schreiner  Athlete

All other attendees, with the excpetion of the Executive Committee, will be guests of the meeting. We would appreciate if you rename yourself to include your club code. It will not be mandatory. The link will be emailed out to all clubs, head coaches, and those on the list above. 

Spring House of Delegates Meeting - Starting at 10:00AM


Roll Call

Approval of the House Rules

Reading, correction and adoption of previous minutes:

Reports of officers

General Chairman: Report

Age Group Vice-Chairman: Report

Senior Group Vice-Chairman: Report

Finance Vice-Chairman: Report

Technical Planning: Report

Athlete Representatives: Report

Coach Representatives: Report

Safe Sport/Safety:

Treasurer's Report:

  • Budget versus Actual
  • Investments

Reports of committees and coordinators


Legislation / By-Laws: There is another round of bylaws proposals. The highlights are:

  • Removal of appointed positions from the Executive BOD. These positions would be elected ay HOD along with all other positions.
  • Terms added for some positions. Certain positions like the Safe Sport Chair, DEI Chair, etc did not have Terms applied to them. All positions on the Executive committee will be 2 year terms. This does not impact term limits.
  • Removal of At-Large appointments to the Executive Committee. We felt that the best approach for the Executive Committee was to allow the HOD to elect all the positions. 
  • Housekeeping. Lots of housekeeping.

Disability: Report

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: DEI Chair Report PDF


Times - Be sure to check out the virtual leaderboard!

AWI - Report

New business

Discussion on bid calendar

  • Calendar (xlsx) - The calendar for 2021 - 2022 will be handled as we approach the Fall. Tech Planning will have more discussion on the calendar in the upcoming months. 

Proposal for Amendment/Ratification to the bylaws 

Current bylaws
New Bylaws

Proposal 1 - Delegates to Niagara HOD


Proposal for Policies and Procedures Amendments 


Proposal to ratify Niagara Policies and Procedures - These are proposed as a single block. Please read all of these ahead of time. If you wish to pull an Item for discussion, please clearly indicate when the General Chair announces the item (say "pull"). 

Item 1 Purchasing Policy

Item 2 Definition of Committee Quorums

Item 3 Conflict of Interest Policy

Item 4 Secretary Job Description

Item 5 Motion to waive meet surcharges through 8/31/2021

Item 6 Senior Coach Job Description

Item 7 Junior Coach Job Description

Proposal to approve 2021-2022 Niagara Budget

Niagara Elections​ - If there are no nominations from the floor, this will be voted on as a single item by acclamation (we will simply ask for an "all in favor" vote and you will use the Yes/No voting feature in Zoom)

  • General Chair - Mike Switalski
  • Finance Vice Chair - Peter Koenig
  • Senior Group Vice Chair - Rob Wahl (click for bio)
  • Secretary - 
  • Registrar - Eric Stimson (this role is moved to staff. Approval of the updated bylaws will remove this election.)
  • Coach Rep - Congratulations to Danielle Andallora who won the Junior Coach election.
  • Athlete Rep - Congratulations to Natalie Killion who won the Junior Athlete Election. 

Resolutions and orders - None at this time

Presentation of the Phillips 66 Outstanding Service Award