Spring House of Delegates Meeting


Saturday, April 30, 2022

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Coaches Meeting - 9 AM - 9:45 AM: Click here for meeting information.

Please note: there will be an election for the Coach Reps. Due to a vacancy (Danielle is running for Age Group Chair), both the Jr. and Sr. Coach Reps will be elected. The person elected to fill the Sr. Coach position will serve 1 year, and will be eligible for two additional terms since it is a vacancy). Currently, the plan will be with Tom Steuer as Sr. Coach and Mike Giancarlo as Jr. Coach (pending official election!)

Spring House of Delegates Meeting - Starting at 10:00 AM 

Roll Call

Approval of the House Rules

Reading, correction and adoption of previous minutes:

Reports of officers

General Chairman: Report

Age Group Vice-Chairman: Report

Senior Group Vice-Chairman: Report

Finance Vice-Chairman: Report

Technical Planning: Report

Athlete Representatives: Report

Coach Representatives: Report

Safe Sport/Safety:

Treasurer's Report:

  • Budget versus Actual
  • Investments

Reports of committees and coordinators


Legislation / By-Laws: 

Disability: Report

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: DEI Chair Report

Membership:    The new USA Swimming Online Member Registration system will be starting 9/1/2022. All registrations for the 2023 membership year will be done through that. I'm very excited about the new system and look forward to sharing and teaching the system to all of our clubs. It is my intent to start "training" in late July/Early August with all of our club registrars. More details on the system will be coming over the next few months and I will be happy to answer questions and concerns as they come up. For anyone (club or registrar) that would like to have a sneak peek, please email me at [email protected] and we can set up a meeting. There will also be specific vendor information (Team Unify, for example) coming directly from them for how their system will now integrate with SWIMS.      


Congratulations to our newest LSC Record setters:

Women SCY LSC Records
Maya Huntress, Kylie Kwoka, Veronika Puzanovova,and Lauren Golden (BAAC)
13-14 400 FR-R 3:35.68 03/18/2022  2022 NI 14 and Under Championships 
Joleigh Crye (MERC)
17-18 50   BR   30.18    01/16/2022    2022 NI JR-SR Power Point Champs
17-18 100 BR   1:01.31 02/16/2022    2022 NI OB Boys Sec V Class C
17-18 100 IM    57.35    03/13/2022    2022 NI Niagara Open Championships
Men LCM LSC Records
Jake Runyon, Gavin Stuhler, Justin Enser, Alex Stoker (HAST)
15-16 200 FR-R 1:41.21 03/27/2022 2022 NI EZ Speedo Sectional (LCM) Buffalo
Archie Minto (UN)
17-18 100 FL 55.81    03/25/2022  2022 NI EZ Speedo Sectional (LCM) Buffalo
17-18 200 FL 2:03.49 03/26/2022  2022 NI EZ Speedo Sectional (LCM) Buffalo
Men SCY LSC Records
Gavin Van Kersbergen (CATO)
13-14 50 BK   24.73   03/12/2022    2022 NI Niagara Open Championships
13-14 100 BK 52.77   03/13/2022    2022 NI Niagara Open Championships
13-14 50 FL    24.05   01/16/2022    2022 NI JR-SR Power Point Champs
13-14 100 FL  51.59   03/12/2022    2022 NI Niagara Open Championships
13-14 100 IM  53.63   03/19/2022    2022 NI 14 and Under Championships
Grady Moore, Miles Moore, Atticus Young, Peter Peyser (STAR)
13-14 200 FR-R 1:30.24 03/19/2022 2022 NI 14 and Under Championships
13-14 400 FR-R 3:21.02 03/18/2022 2022 NI 14 and Under Championships
Aaron Gasiewicz (STAR)
15-16 200 IM 1:50.49 03/04/2022 2022 NI OB NYSPHSAA Federation
Archie Minto (UN)
17-18 200 FL 1:47.87 02/12/2022 2022 MAAC Men's and Women's Champs 
LSC Open Records - these records are open to anyone swimming in the territory of Niagara LSC (not restricted to Niagara Athletes)
Women SCY
Cavan Gormsen (Metro LSC)
500 FR 4:40.73 11/19/2021 2021 NI OB NYS Federation Girls Swim
Joleigh Crye (MERC)
100 IM 57.35 03/13/2022 2022 NI Niagara Open Championships

Daniel Diehl (CUY - Maryland LSC)
100 FR 49.71    03/27/2022      2022 NI EZ Speedo Sectional (LCM) Buffalo
200 FR 1:50.12 03/25/2022      2022 NI EZ Speedo Sectional (LCM) Buffalo
100 BK 53.59    03/26/2022      2022 NI EZ Speedo Sectional (LCM) Buffalo (Also set the 15-16 NAG Record)


AWI:  Report

New business

Approval of the bid calendar

Proposal for Amendment/Ratification to the bylaws 

Proposal for Policies and Procedures Amendments

WITHDRAWN P1 - Proposal to Adopt the USA Swimming Developmental Meet Category  - We are going to remove this proposal from consideration at this time, but will still address the topic. It will be moved to the Fall HOD if applici

P2 - Proposal to add additional seasonal athlete options - This proposal was submitted by Mike Gleason (CAQY) with the help of Eric Stimson to provide some input regarding specifics. If there are any amendments to be made at HOD, I will yield to Mike as the proposer. 

Proposal to ratify Niagara Policies and Procedures

Poposal to approve 2022-2023 Niagara Budget

Niagara Elections​ - If there are no nominations from the floor, this will be voted on as a single item by acclamation (we will simply ask for an "all in favor" vote and you will use the Yes/No voting feature in Zoom)

  • Administrative Vice Chair - Nicholas Weiner (click for bio) and Will Chidsey (click for bio)
  • Age Group Vice Chair - Danielle Andalora
  • Treasurer - Paul Cary
  • Secretary - Dani Richards
  • Officials Chair - Congratulations to Bob Nicita for winning this years election!
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion - Austin Nau
  • Technical Planning Chair - Charles Schutt
  • Coach Rep - Tom Steuer and Mike Giancarlo (click for bio) - Held at the coaches meeting.
  • Athlete Rep - Congratulations to Elle Noecker (TWST) for winning this years election!

Resolutions and orders - None at this time

Presentation of the Phillips 66 Outstanding Service Award