Meet Management

Prior to the Meet:

For the Meet:

After the Meet:

Please be sure to save PDF's to your computer and use Adobe Reader to work with them. This way you can save and print without issue. 

Meet Director Information:

Observed Meet Forms:

PDF forms must be saved in order to edit and save them. Please right click on the link and 'save as' to your computer before filling out.

Form A and B are fully electronic. Please do not use old PDF's of those forms.

Results and questions should be emailed to

Observed Meet Requests:

  • Form A - Request for Observation - Non-Season Culminating Meet
    • This form should be submitted by meet personnel to have times observed at a High School meet that occurs during the standard calendar (a high school invitational for example). For all championship meets (League, Sectional, State, etc) use Form B below.
  • Form B - Request for Observation - Season Culminating Meet
    • This form should be submitted by meet personnel to have times observed at a High School Championship meet. These include any "season-ending" meets such as League/Divisional, Sectional, or State Championships. For all other High School meets, use Form A above.

Requests for Electronic Loading into SWIMS:

  • Form C - Request for Electronic Loading
    • Use this form to notify the officials and times verifier that you wish to have a time observed/loaded for someone that does not have their USAS ID properly entered into the meet registration file. When in doubt, it's best to submit Form C so there is no issue. If a meet has occurred and a time is not loaded properly, use Form F below.
  • Form D (deprecated) Foreign Times Request
    • To submit times for foreign meets please email with a link to the meet information, meet results and the electronic results (zip/cl2) if possible. We will then forward to the chair of the National Times Committee for approval and loading.
  • Form F - Individual Verification Request
    • Use this form to request the loading of a time for someone that has competed in an observed/approved meet but was otherwise missed (either no ID entered in the meet or no Form C previously submitted).
  • Form G - Intermediate Lead-off or Relay Lead-off Split Verification
    • Use this form to request a relay lead-off or an intermediate lead-off (first 200 of a 500 for example).

Approved Meet Application:

  • Form E - Apply for an Approved Meet (CLOSED YMCA MEETS SHOULD USE THIS!)
    • Approvals are issued for meets where there may be both USA Swimming members and non-members competing. The LSC may issue an approval for a closed YMCA meet but other closed meets will require approval from USA Swimming. Use this form for either case and we will forward for approval if required.