Meet Management

Prior to the Meet:

  • Applying for a Sanction
    • This form should be used by all meets requesting a sanction. This includes all Niagara Open, restricted (including Leagues), and Closed meets as well as anyone hosting a USA Swimming (or Zone) sponsored competition within Niagara. All other meets (high school observations, YMCA approvals) should use the appropriate form at the bottom of the page.
  • Applying for an Open Water Sanction
  • Meet Announcement Checklist
    • This checklist is updated to reflect the current rule book and applies to sanctioned meets. Please be sure to look through it prior to the submission of your application.
    • MAAPP Language has been added on 6/2/2019. This should be included in all meets moving forward and will be in effect on 6/23/2019. In addition to the Meet Announcement Language, there are additional items for inclusion during the meet. Click here for MAAPP Sample Language for meets
    • All competition must conform to local, state, and federal public health guidelines.  Please note the amendments to Articles 202.4 and 202.6 listed below, as well as reference documents on our COVID Page
  • How to Verify Registrations
    • Pre-meet reconciliation of entered athletes is critical for identifying non-registered or improperly transferred athletes. Sending in a USA-S Registration file to the registrar will highlight any exceptions for your correction. It is the only method to verify registrations from another LSC or the number of meets remaining for a Flex athlete. All meet hosts are required to submit the USA-S Registration file prior to the start of the meet for the registration chair to be run. 
  • ​Tips for setting up Meet Manager
  • How to Setup Mixed Relays (Meet Manager)

These forms below should be saved to your computer and opened with Adobe. This will make it possible to fill out and save for emailing them back to [email protected] (or use the submit button!)

  • OTS Setup Request Form 
  • TeamApp Setup Request - To be used by meets where meet information is not posted to the calendar. This includes meets that are restricted to only specific LSC teams or to League Meets. This form should be submitted at least 30 days prior to your meet. 

For the Meet:


After the Meet:

Please be sure to save PDF's to your computer and use Adobe Reader to work with them. This way you can save and print without issue. 

Meet Director Information:

If you need to become or renew as a  Meet Director, please make sure that you:

  1. Watch the webinar below (Mandatory for new, encouraged for renew that haven't run a lot of meets)
  2. Complete the test and submit it to [email protected] You will need a copy of a rule book as well as the Niagara Swimming Policies and Procedures manuals. Nearly all of the answers are 'guided' in the webinar, PowerPoint/Slides, and on the test. If you are not already a USA Swimming member, that will be required BEFORE your test result can be linked. (you can submit it after, but please make sure we know to link your test).

Observed Meet Forms:

PDF forms must be saved in order to edit and save them. Please right click on the link and 'save as' to your computer before filling out.

Form A and B are fully electronic. Please do not use old PDF's of those forms.

Results and questions should be emailed to [email protected].

Observed Meet Requests:

  • Form A - Request for Observation - Non-Season Culminating Meet
    • This form should be submitted by meet personnel to have times observed at a High School meet that occurs during the standard calendar (a high school invitational for example). For all championship meets (League, Sectional, State, etc) use Form B below.
  • Form B - Request for Observation - Season Culminating Meet
    • This form should be submitted by meet personnel to have times observed at a High School Championship meet. These include any "season-ending" meets such as League/Divisional, Sectional, or State Championships. For all other High School meets, use Form A above.

Requests for Electronic Loading into SWIMS:

  • Form C - Request for Electronic Loading
    • Use this form to notify the officials and times verifier that you wish to have a time observed/loaded for someone that does not have their USAS ID properly entered into the meet registration file. When in doubt, it's best to submit Form C so there is no issue. If a meet has occurred and a time is not loaded properly, use Form F below.
  • Form D (deprecated) Foreign Times Request
    • To submit times for foreign meets please email [email protected] with a link to the meet information, meet results, and the electronic results (zip/cl2) if possible. We will then forward to the chair of the National Times Committee for approval and loading.
  • Form F - Individual Verification Request
    • Use this form to request the loading of a time for someone that has competed in an observed/approved meet but was otherwise missed (either no ID entered in the meet or no Form C previously submitted).
  • Form G - Intermediate Lead-off or Relay Lead-off Split Verification
    • Use this form to request a relay lead-off or an intermediate lead-off (first 200 of a 500 for example).

Approved Meet Application:

  • Form E - Apply for an Approved Meet (CLOSED YMCA MEETS SHOULD USE THIS!)
    • Approvals are issued for meets where there may be both USA Swimming members and non-members competing. The LSC may issue an approval for a closed YMCA meet but other closed meets will require approval from USA Swimming. Use this form for either case and we will forward it for approval if required.