Meet Results (PDF)

There will be no posting of a combined backup/zip file. All meets should have been loaded into SWIMS from their respective sanctioned meet. 


Niagara Swimming LSC will not hold an in-person Niagara LSC Championship this spring. Instead, there will be a Virtual meet for all of Niagara LSC over 7 weeks (3/12/21-5/2/21)

Meet Format

  • The competition can be formatted in any matter needed to fit facility requirements and guidelines.
  • Teams are welcome to host Invitationals, Dual or Closed Meets depending on what their team/facility chooses to do. Timed final or Prelim/Final at host teams’ discretion.
  • There is no set format for the number of days needed to run the event. It can be broken up across multiple days/weekends or can be run in one day depending on hosts’ decision.
  • Events for the Virtual Meet can be found on the following page based on Age.


  • Qualifying period: 9/1/18-5/2/21.
  • Time standards for entry are posted on the Niagara website.
  • Age of the swimmer will be determined as of the first day of the 7-week window, March 12, 2021.
  • Swimmers may compete in a maximum of 6 individual events.
  • Please use the Meet Manager file provided. The Event order within the meet can be changed as you see fit. However, the event numbers are not to be changed.
  • Any Niagara USA Swimming member can participate in the meet. For times to count for the Virtual Meet, the swimmer must be 18 & Under with a cut time in the event. All times from the meets will be submitted into SWIMS regardless of age or cut time.
  •  Declaring events
    • Only one swim per event can be submitted as the official time for the Virtual Meet.
    • Swimmers with a cut in an event may compete in the event more than once during the window. The first swim in the window will automatically be declared as the official time unless a coach declares via email to Will Chidsey ([email protected]) that the swim is not to count as the official time prior to the swim. If the coach fails to do so, the swim will be counted for the swimmer’s official Virtual results.
    • Once a swim has been swum and the time submitted, the time cannot be updated from a meet later in the window.
    • If a swimmer makes a first time cut at the meet, the coach can declare via email to Will Chidsey ([email protected]) to have that time count for the Virtual meet results or use that time as a qualifier swim, allowing the event to be swum again at another meet within the window of March 12th-May 2nd.
      • If the swimmer decides to swim the new event again, and the coach does not communicate that the next meet is going to be the official time swim, the time from the first meet will stand as the official time submission.


  • Teams are expected to submit meet results to Eric for SWIMS. Results to be included in the Virtual Meet must be submitted by May 6th, 2021 at 5pm EST. SCY only.
  • When competing in a P/F meet, the final time will be the official time for submission, if the swimmer competes in finals.
  • Results will be Girls/Boys in the following age groups: 10&U, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15-16, 17-18.
  • Results can be submitted from any USA swimming sanctioned meet including Speedo Sectionals. High school meets, YMCA, etc..,  do not count. Times must be achieved during a USA Swimming sanctioned meet.
  • Final results will be posted once the entry window closes, May 7th, 2021.


  • Top 3 finishers in each event will be awarded at the conclusion of the entry window.


Meet Manager BU File - Click here (do not change the event numbers!)

Meet Manager Events File - Click here

Event List (PDF) - Click here

Niagara Spring Invite Time Standards - Click here


Virtual Meet Scenario 1

Swimmer A swims in a meet on March 13th. They compete in the 50 Free and did not have the Time standard prior to the swim. At the meet Swimmer A achieves the time standard.

  • At this point, there is nothing additional needed to be done outside of the NI post meet procedures.
  • The result for the 50 free can count as their Virtual Meet results or as a qualifying time to swim again later in the window. The results from the March 13th meet will automatically count as the finals time unless communicated. See example below.

Swimmer A decides to swim the 50 Free in another meet on April 17th. At this point the coach and swimmer have a decision to make, do they want the 50 free on April 17th to count for the Virtual meet or do they want to keep the March 13th time. This decision needs to be emailed to Tech planning prior to the April 17th swim. If no communication is done prior to the April 17th swim, the March 13th time will be the official Virtual meet result.