The final results are now posted. Thanks to everyone who helped with submitting times. Please let me know if anything needs to be added or corrected. 


Posted 3/14/2021

Niagara Swimming LSC will be posting a Virtual Leaderboard "Brag Board" for swimmers to compare their times between 10/1/2020 and 5/31/2021.

The purpose of this leaderboard is to be all-inclusive, we know some swimmers and/or Teams have not had the ability to swim in a sanctioned swim meet. The goal of this Leaderboard is to include these swimmers and allow them the ability to compare their times with other Niagara Swimmers. 

Eligible Swims for Leaderboard

  • Any swim that is uploaded to SWIMS. Including but not limited to USA swimming Sanctioned meets and USA swimming observed meets. These swims will automatically be entered into the leaderboard.
  • Swims from a non-sanctioned swim can count as well with some requirements.
    • Must be completed in a 25-yard pool.
    • Can be done via stopwatch, one watch is sufficient.
    • No officials required. 
    • High school meets can be included.
    • These times must be submitted to [email protected]  by a USA Swimming registered coach to be included in the Virtual NI Leaderboard.
  • Time achieved can be from any swim between 10/1/20 and 5/31/21. 
    • To be included in the Virtual leaderboard you must be a current Niagara Swimming member at the time of submission. The time can be from prior to the swimmer registering with Niagara Swimming. 
  • Coaches are responsible for the legality of the swim submitted including stroke infractions and validity of time. The honor system is being used to be inclusive of more swimmers. 


  • There will be no awards for the top spots. This is for bragging rights only. 
  • The age groups will be: 10 & Under, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15-16, 17-18. 
  • Only the fastest swim will be recorded in each event for an individual swimmer.

 We will do our best to update these times weekly.