Parents please supervise kids on youtube videos!

Cody Miller's Vlog
-For Swimmers 13+ Talks about a wide variety of topics from practice tips, stroke technique, mental preperation, dealing with adversity, atc. 2 time Olympic Medalist

USA Swimming Youtube
-For Swimmers of All Ages Race videos from top level compeitions 

Swimming NOW Youtube
-For Swimmers of All Ages Race Videos from international competitions Website
-For Swimmers 11+ Resources for swimmers and parents, including time standards, USA Swimmer interviews, nutritional resources, etc.

SwimSwam (Practice and Pancakes Playlist)

-For Swimmers 13+ Practice Videos from teams around the country. Gives great inside to different colleges and how they run their practices. 

ISL Swim League

-For Swimmers of All Ages Professional Swim League Meets. Has many different styles of match to make for an invigorating watch! Season subscription or single Meet subscription required ($4/match or $45 for whole season)