Learn-to-swim Classes (30 minutes)

Private classes (1:1): $60 per class

Group classes (4:1): $24 per class


Adult/Adolescent Classes (30 minutes)

Group classes** (4:1): $24 per class


Mommy & Me Classes (30 minutes)

Group classes*** (4:1): $24 per class


Pre-Competitive (30 minutes)

Group classes**** (4:1): $24 per class


Prices are based on one class per week. If you have chosen multiple days of the week, simply double your cost for 2 days per week or triple it for 3 days per week.

Note: The average cost of your class could be higher or lower each month depending on the number of your chosen day of the week in each month. For example, if your chosen day has 5 days in that month you will be charged 1 class more. If there is a holiday that we are closed for you will be charged 1 class less.

**Adult and adolescent classes are available to students 12 and older.

***Mommy & Me (Parent & Child) Classes are available to children 6 months to two years old with parent in the water.

****Pre-competitive classes are only available to children 7 years and older who have completed all of the levels of our learn-to-swim program or have been pre-approved by coach evaluation.