Sounds simple and it is. It's just that registering a swimmer means registering with and paying a fee to:

  • CSSC (annual registration fee)
  • City of Coral Springs Pool and/or Fitness Membership (quarterly or annual fee)
  • Florida Gold Coast (fee paid by CSSC registration fee)
  • USA Swimming (annual fee)

None of these fees have anything to do with the monthly coaching fees. Paying these fees and registering with these organizations, entitles you to pay the monthly coaching fees and allows your swimmer to get into the pool to be coached.

First Time Registration

In order to join the swim team, your child must have been swim tested by either a member of the Coral Springs Swim Club staff or the Director of the Swim America Program. Once your child has been assigned to a particular swim group, you must read and sign (electronically) all the required forms (Swimmer's Code of Conduct, Parents' Code of Ethics, USA Swimming Registration Form, Photo/Video/Audio Release Form and Harassement/ Bullying/ Hazing Policy). You must agree to all terms and conditions. 

Upon completing the registration paperwork, you need to pay the CSSC/ USA Swimming Registration fee ($175). The payment must be made by check, made out to the Coral Springs Swim Club. Please make sure to write your child's name under the "memo". 

Annual Registration

At the beginning of September every swimmer's family will receive a email notification reminding them that the new annual registration process has begun. If you are current CSSC member, you will not have to fill out the registration forms again, unless there are new ones or the old ones have been updated. If you are a first-timer, you have to fill out ball the forms online and pay all of the registration fees. 

These documents must be filled out or your swimmer will not be able to attend practice. There's an obvious reason for this ("No Ticket, No Entrance"), but, there's another, not so obvious reason. A Portion of the various fees fund casualty insurance. Signing the documents and paying the fees means that you have expressly agreed to abide by the covenants of that insurance, and that you and your swimmer will behave in a safe and responsible manner at practice and at swim meets. We live in a litigious age. Without proper insurance and proper behavior there would be no organized swimming