CSSC Places 2nd at FGC North BB Championships

Victoria Martinez
Mar 4, 2019

March 2-3rd was the highly anticipated FGC North BB Championships. This newly- formed Championships, hosted by the Lake Lytal Swim Team, was the perfect opportunity for Coral Springs Swim Club swimmers to showcase their hard-work during practice and dedication to the sport by showing up and giving it their all and they did not disappoint.

Head Coach Bruno Darzi had nothing but pride in our swimmers performances over the weekend, “we swam extremely well from top to bottom and our team finished 2nd place overall. Our 14 and under swimmers achieved 18 new Junior Olympics cuts and our 15 and over swimmers achieved 14 new Senior Championship cuts. Congratulations to everyone.”

14-year-old Alejandro Alvarez made an astounding 6 Junior Olympic cuts over the weekend. A feat which he achieved by placing 1st in his 50 Free (24.52) and 1650 Free (17:39.30), 2nd in his 200 IM (2:16.16), 100 IM (1:02.51), 50 Fly (27.51), and 3rd in his 50 Back (29.01), and Daniella Balkom made 2 cuts by finishing 1st in her 500 Free (5:32.24), and 2nd in her preliminary 100 Free (58.14).

Blue and White Coach Caroline Kuczynski was just as thrilled as Coach Darzi, “I am blown away! All my swimmers swam at lightning speed this weekend.” Stand out performances from White Group include Carly Chin, who achieved new personal records on each of the 7 events in which she competed, including a 3.6 second drop and 2nd place in her 100 Fly (1:23.16). Chin’s new record in her 100 Fly is also a JO cut, as was her 50 Back (37.34). Addison Palumbo also achieved personal records in 7 events, most notably a 4.6 second drop  in her 100 Free (1:14.26), a 4 second drop her 200 Free (2:39.27), and a 2.5 second drop in her 100 Back (1:24.39).

Radhika Nanavati placed 5th in her 200 IM with a new personal best at 2:53.99, while Katelyn Lay also set a PR in her 50 Back (40.96) while Ethan Persten set one in his 50 Free (33.41), finishing in 7th place.

Blue Group also brought fierce competitiveness to the Championships. Highlight performances include Kayleigh Didovic’s 2 new personal records, the first by 10.5 seconds in a 3rd place finish with a JO cut in her 200 Breast (2:57.16), and the other in her 50 Breast (38.88), Mariana Montes’ 3 new personal records including a 4 second drop in her 200 IM (2:42.35), and a 3.7 second drop her 50 Back (36.92), Rhania Suarez’s also JO cut and 4th place finish in her 50 Fly (32.14), and Hope Suther’s time trial in which she swam 3 races in 30 minutes, a 100 Free (1:12.16),a 50 Back at a new personal record (37.51), and a 100 Breast (1:31.39).

Sophia El Chantiry showcased what her hard work in practice can do by finishing with a new personal record in each of her 7 events and achieving a JO cut in her 100 Fly (1:24.38) while Payton Lander also set new personal records in 7 events including a 4th place finish and a JO qualifying time in her 50 Back (33.46), as did Emma Lander including a 2nd place finish and JO qualifying time in her 100 Fly (1:12.65), and Selah Rogers including a 4 second drop in her 200 Free (2:16.31), a 3.8 second drop in her 100 IM (1:12.44), and a 2.5 second drop and AA time in her 100 Breast time trial (1:16.42).

Senior 1 and 2 Coach Lima was also thrilled with the his swimmer’s performances, “way to go everyone! What an amazing championship meet we had this past weekend. You guys made a very proud coach and friend.” Senior 1 and 2 made 38 finals on Saturday and 27 on Sunday for a total of 65 Finals. They also achieved 12 new Senior Championships cuts and 3 Junior Olympic Cuts.

Cassia Flynn achieved both JO cuts in both her 50 Fly (29.08), and 50 Back (30.44) as did Jasmine Martin in her 50 Fly (29.78). Justin Kahn got his Senior Champs cuts on both his 100 IM (1:01.87) and his 100 Breast (1:08.13). Abby Frank “had a great meet”,  achieving the Senior Championship cut in her 50 Fly (29.45).

Jose Rebaza (1:56.37), Grayson Yellin (1:58.21), Juan Domecq (1.58:30), and John Lynch (1.58:47) each swam an outstanding 200 Free race.  Lynch also achieved his Senior Championship cute in his 50 Back (29.07) as did Andromeda Smith in her 100 Free (57.87), and Anthony Vargas in his 50 Breast (31.71). Grayson Yellin set new personal records in all the events in which he competed. He qualified for the Senior Championships in both his 100 Free (53.41) and 50 Fly (26.91), while Rayanna Young qualified in both her 100 IM (1:05.35) and her 50 Back (30.79).

Sara Laplant achieved Senior Championship cuts in both her 100 IM (1:07.22) and her 50 Back (30.72). She also dropped 7 seconds in her 200 Free (2:10.25) and 9 seconds in her 400 IM (5:18.17). Ashely Nagy also “killed it” on her 400 IM, improving per previous personal best time by 10 seconds (5.53:28). Cole Narbonne set a new personal record in his 200 Fly, improving it by nearly 7 seconds (2:14.22).

Faith Suther also made Senior Championship cuts over the weekend by placing 3rd in her 100 IM (1:07.66) and 4th in her 50 Back (31.53). 9-year-old Bradley DiPaolo represented our Mullins Group at the meet, and he did it well. DiPaolo dropped .38 seconds from his 50 Breast with a new personal best time of 44.79.

Coach Darzi is hoping to see the momentum continue into future events this season, “I am looking forward to watching them swim at sectionals in Plantation this week.”