Swimmers of the Month for March / April 2019

Red Group

sotm apr19 alex       sotm apr19 andi

Alex Alai"Alex is very quiet you man but such a hard worker! He tries so hard to get better every practice no matter what he is asked to do."

Andi Gruver- "Andi is trying hard to improve her strokes and her focus while she is swimming. She is doing more meets now and getting more comfortable with competing as well!"

Green Group

sotm apr19 claire       sotm apr19 justin

Claire O'Connor is "always pushing herself to do better in practice! She is getting better at making corrections and gaining some awesome confidence in the water!"

Justin Tufo- "Justin is always trying hard to make sure he does everything correctly. He is a perfectionist and is getting better at just letting go and trying his 100% in practice every time he swims."

Kaitlyn Kejonen- "Kaitlyn is such a talented swimmer and strong athlete. She mever stops and is always pushinger herself to get better every time she is in the pool!"

sotm apr19 kaitlyn 


Gold Group

sotm apr19 jessica      sotm apr19 lorenzo

Jessie Lee -"works herself so hard in practice to the point of exhaustion. She is getting much better at swimminh smarter and not always harder. Excited to see her start competing more too!"

Lorenzo Herek- "Lorenzo has made some major improvements in his breathing as well as his kicking and he has come so far! He os getting better everyday because of the consistency of those improvements. Keep up the great work!"


The Mullins Park program at the Coral Springs Swim Club serves children ages 6 to 12 in three different groups: the Red, the Green and the Gold. Led by coaches Jessica Nugent Long and Bar Bogoslavsky, young swimmers at Mullins Park get introduced to the swim team experience, begin technique drills and interval training, and participate in their first USA Swimming sanctioned meets. Every month, the coaching team highlights the performance and commitment to improvement of a swimmer from each group. “We want to recognize their hard work, discipline and dedication to the sport,” said Nugent Long.

The Silver Group is an Older Age Group where swimmers join the "big kids" at the City of Coral Springs Aquatic Complex. Emphasis is on stroke development with introduction to interval training. Silver focus on stroke development. In addition, Silver swimmers strive to develop strong starts, turns and finishes. Practices start with 10 minute of stretching and dryland exercises. Children should attend minimum 2 practices per week.

The Swimmer of the Month program is an initiative of the Coral Springs Swim Club to “recognize special traits of commitment and positive work attitude in their young athletes.”

For more information about the Coral Springs Swim Club Age Group Program, click here.

For information about the Learn-to-Swim program provided by Swim America Coral Springs, click here.