Tsunami Swim Team Fee Schedule


This fee covers the cost of registering your swimmer with USA swimming. Once paid we submit your registration form and payment directly to the LSC (Florida Gold Coast Swimming).

  • This fee is paid upon registration and renewed every November.



A. Annual Membership Fee: $100 per swimmer

 * 10% off for 2nd swimmer, 15% off 3rd swimmer (in the same family)

  • This fee is paid upon registration and renewed every January.
  • This fee is adjusted for swimmers joining throughout the year and is renewed at full price in January.
  • Discount for new members: (Jan-March: full price / April-June: -25% / July-Sept: -50%/ Oct-Dec: -75%)


B: Training Fees:  Monthly coaching fees, charged on the 1st of every month.

  • Bronze: $70
  • Silver: $60  
  • Gold: $70
  • Senior 1: $85
  • Blue: $85
  • Green: $90
  • Senior 2: $100



  • There will be a $10 sibling discount for each additional swimmer, in the same family.



The following is a breakdown of the fees associated with entering your swimmer into a swim meet.

  • Swimmer surcharge: Cost to enter each swimmer in the meet
  • Individual Entries/Relay fee: Cost of each individual event your swimmer races. Relay costs are divided by the 4 swimmers in the relay.
    • This is done to offset the cost of running a meet


  • Team Meet Fee: This is a per swimmer fee added by Tsunamis Swim Team. This fee helps cover the cost of sending a coach to a meet.
    • These fees differ by meet and can be found in the invitation.

**These fees maybe higher due to Covid and the restricted number of athletes and lack of spectators allowed on deck.

     **Meet fees must be paid by the first day of a meet to avoid a $5 late fee

     Team Meet Fees:

• $3.00 fee per swimmer for meets that are (1) day in length/timed finals

• $6.00 fee per swimmer for meets that are (2) days in length/timed finals

• $8.00 fee per swimmer for meets that are (3) days in length/timed finals

• $5.00 fee per swimmer for meets that are (1) day in length with prelim/finals

• $8.00 fee per swimmer for meets that are (2) days in length with prelim/finals

• $11.00 fee per swimmer for meets that are (3) days in length with prelim/finals

• $15.00 fee per swimmer for championship meets

• $20.00 and up – Travel meets, Sectionals, Jr/Sr Nationals, Jr. Olympics, and meets outside the LSC

*Fee is based on how many days in length of a meet, not how many you attend.  

• Individual and relay event fees vary meet to meet. Each family is responsible for their swimmers meet fees. 

If you decide not to attend a meet after entries have been submitted, you are still responsible for the meet fees since Tsunami          Swim Team is billed based on the entries. This applies even for illness or injury.



Dues will be processed on the 1st of every month. Payments, IN FULL, must be received and posted to your account by the 7th of the month to avoid a $15 late fee.

  • If account goes more than 60 days past due, the swimmer(s) will be unable to practice until account has been brought up to date or a payment plan has been put into place. If you are on a payment plan, any meet fees that are due during that time must be paid in full. 




All accounts must have a credit card and/or debit card on file for monthly dues/expenses. 

  • Please note that the following fees are added for credit card payments: 

           .30 per transaction fee/2.95% of total transaction.



Any Tsunami swimmers that decide to take a month (or more) off, with intention of returning to Tsunami Swim Team, may take a “Leave of Absence”. This leave needs to be communicated with your coaches before the 25th of the month prior to avoid being billed for the time you are gone.  

  • Once an invoice has been generated for the following month, because the coaching staff was not informed of the planned time off, the invoice must be paid regardless of the number of days the swimmer attended practice.
  • Tsunamis swim team will not give a refund for these fees nor will a credit be given towards a later month.



There is a $15 fee charged for all checks returned as non-payment.   



1. Team apparel is extra and can be purchased through our online team store or swim team office.

2. All swimmers must to have their own equipment.

  • Please follow the equipment list posted online.
    • All items should be purchased through the team store.

3. Volunteering is required for all families. (Volunteer hours have been suspended due to Covid)

  • You may opt for a $100 buyout fee, per season, if unable to volunteer your time.
  • If not, all hours were fulfilled, the percentage of unfulfilled hours will be charged to your account. (Example: 50% of hours completed = 50% of fee charged)


How to pay – 

  • Payments will automatically be deducted from the account on file on the 1st of every month
  • If a manual payment needs to be made (meet fees, private lessons, apparel, etc.). You may log into your account through the website, click on your account, billing/payment.
  • Late Fee: A Fee of $15.00 will be added to the Account if the Account is carrying an invoice balance (not fully paid) by the 7th at 12 pm of the billing cycle.
  • After Registration is completed, your account will be activated.
  • You must notify us before the 25th to suspend billing.
  • Tsunamis Swim Team is unable to and does not give refunds.



The invoice report is built into our website design, and we cannot change it.  The biggest problem seems when they go out it will say “on the first of the next month you will owe xxx” -   They are giving you your current balance plus the amount of the monthly fee for the following month.  Please make sure to go in through you swim team account online, or through OnDeck to the current amount on your account.




***By Registering with Tsunamis Swim Team, you are acknowledging that you have read all the above policies regarding registration and payment.

You understand and agree to follow the policies set in place by Tsunamis Swim Team and that if any of these policies are broken, it can prevent my swimmer from continuing or returning to Tsunamis Swim Team.