Evaluations, Team placement and Advancement

Evaluation Days/Times:

Evaluations are by appointment only.

Days: Tuesday's and Thursday's

Time slots: 5:00pm

Please review the requirements list below to determine if your swimmer is ready for a swim team evaluation.

If you would like to schedule an evaluation, please send us an email and we will get back to you. You may email us by clicking the "contact us" on the bottom of the home page

  • Swimmers will be placed in groups based on age and ability. If we feel a swimmer needs a little more work, we can get them set up in our lesson program. Our lessons allow swimmers the opportunity to work one on one with an instructor to allow for a smoother transition to the team. - During your evaluation we can determine which swim lesson level your child can start at.
  • If you are interested in lessons, please click the swim lesson tab at the top of the page for more information.
  • **Please take a look at our group description page found under the "about us" tab. This will help you know which group would be best for your swimmers based on age and ability.


Evaluation Requirements/Procedures:

·  Swimmers Ages 4-6 Must be able to;

  • Swim 25 meters freestyle unassisted
  • Swim 12 meters backstroke unassisted
  • Show some knowledge of basic breaststroke and butterfly

·  Swimmers ages 7- 9 Must be able to swim;

  • 25 meters freestyle
  • 25 meters backstroke
  • 12 Meters breaststroke
  • 12 meters backstroke

·  Swimmers ages 10 -12 Must be able to swim;

  • 50 meters freestyle
  • 25 meters backstroke
  • 25 meters breaststroke
  • 12 meters butterfly

·  Swimmers ages 13 and up Must be able to swim;

  • 75 meters freestyle
  • 50 meters backstroke
  • 50 meters breaststroke
  • 25 meters butterfly



Advancement Procedures/expectations

  • Age and previous experience
  • Level of maturity and personal responsibility
  • Space availability
  • Level of commitment
  • Practice attendance
  • Times

*Reminder: When a swimmer is moved up to a higher training group, the expectations and commitment level go up as well!!