Tsunami Equipment List


The following is a list of required equipment that all Tsunamis swimmers will need for practice.

The list is broken down by group.

Link to team store: https://www.swimdepotusa.com/tsunamis-swim-team/

  • Please stick with Arena brand items as they are our team sponsor.
  • Please make sure to purchase all equipment through our team store to ensure swimmers recieve the correct equitpment.


Pre-Team AND Yellow group:


White Group:


Blue AND Senior 1 Group:


Green Group:


Senior 2 Group:


Items ALL swimmers will need:

Swimmers Should ALL have 2 Bags:

  • Mesh Equipment bag: This is their WET bag and should be used for equipment only and will sit next to the pool with them. On the site we offer a drawstring mesh bag.


  • Dry Bag: A bag where they keep dry clothes, towels, caps, goggle, shoes, snacks, etc. We chose as backpack as the team bag rather than a duffel in order to help limit strain on the swimmer’s shoulders.(This is also the bag they bring to meets)


Sneakers: A good pair of sneakers are a necessity! They will need sneakers for all dry land workouts. Swimmers will also need to wear sneakers on their feet at swim meets. This helps support their feet, legs and backs to reduce unnecessary fatigue and strain.

Swim Cap: Caps are mandatory for all practices. The only exception is boys with short hair. However, EVERYONE must wear a team cap at all meets.

  • Team caps can be purchased at the pool. Price: $10

Practice Suit: For practice female swimmers should be in tight fitting one-piece suits and swim caps. Boys should be in a tight-fitting brief style suit (preferably) or a tight-fitting jammer. Board shorts and rashguards are NOT permitted at practice.

Team Suit: Team suits are for meets ONLY. Never at practice.

  • Team suits can be fitted at the pool but must be ordered through the team store online.

Tech Suits: These are for meets only. Not all meets require a tech suit. An appointment must be made to be fitted.

  • We will indicate in the meet info page if a tech suit is required for that particular meet.

Apparel: We offer a variety of team apparel on our site. Every Swimmer should have at least a team t-sh

We also encourage parents to have team gear.

Show that Tsunami Pride!


Please let your coaches know if you have any questions.