Tsunamis Swim Team Weather Policy


To help us better communicate and manage practice during bad weather, we ask that you please;

  • Do not call the pool office to see if the pool is open.
  • Do not send remind messages asking about practice

Doing this interferes with our ability to get messages out to you all as quick as possible.

We do ask that you please download the WeatherBug app to help monitor the weather.

If it is only raining (no thunder or lighting): All groups will train at their normal times.

  • If there is thunder and lightning in the area (within 10 miles), we must exit the pool and get off the pool deck as soon as possible. This occurrence will be handled as follows:

1. If storms seem to just be passing through, we will wait up to 30 minutes into a practice before deciding to cancel a group. If we do need to cancel, a “Remind” will be sent out to inform parents.

  • For example, if the pool is closed at 5:00 p.m. we will wait until 5:30 p.m. to cancel the groups.
  • We will communicate via remind if we plan to do dry-land until the weather clears. This will only be if the weather appears to have a high chance of clearing.

2. If a storm is predicted to stick around, and we will be unable to get in at all or do dryland, we will communicate via remind that practice for the evening is canceled.

3.  If a storm comes through while we are in the pool and there is 30 Minutes of practice left, or less, children will be dismissed from practice. 

4.  If the storm comes in while there is more than 45 Minutes of practice left, we will pull the team out of the pool, and wait until we can safely re-enter the pool, or until practice is called off.

Big storms and Tropical Weather - When a tropical storm is approaching, Tsunamis Swim Team will follow the same policies as schools. No school, no practice.