Welcome to Tsunamis Swim Academy.


Lessons will be starting in May.

Please review the registration information page for more details.


About our program:

Tsunamis Swim Academy is a pre-competitive lesson program. We focus on teaching swimmers how to swim with proper technique. We believe that children are safer in the water when they are taught proper swimming technique as well as endurance.

Our program consists of 8 levels. These levels build from beginner freestyle and kicking all the way to swim team ready.

(All 4 competitive strokes, diving, and flip turns).

The first 7 levels are focused on getting your child to swim properly. Each stroke is broken down into smaller parts to allow them to understand how the body should move and why.


Requirements: Swimmers must be comfortable in the water. They must already know how to float, blow bubbles, and have basic movement in the water on their own without any assistance.

Ages: Swimmers must be at least 4 years old and can not be older than 12.