Tsunamis Swim Academy

About our program:

 Tsunamis Swim Academy is not just a learn-to-swim program but a program that works towards building strong swimmers! We believe that children are safer in the water when they are taught, not only, proper survival techniques but proper swimming technique and endurance as well.

Our program has 8 levels. These levels build from water adaptation (blowing bubbles, going under water, and floating) to swim team ready (all 4 competitive strokes, diving, and flip turns).

The first 6 levels are focused on getting your child to swim on their own, they will have learned everything up to freestyle and backstroke while have demonstrated the endurance to complete 1 lap of each (3-4 year old’s can pass this level swimming 15 meters of each stroke).

*If your child has discovered that they love swimming and are thinking about pursuing it as a sport, levels 7 and 8 are the perfect next steps for them! These levels were created to help swimmers learn butterfly, breastroke, dive starts, and flip turns while building the necessary endurance to transition to a full swim team practice.

Once they have completed all 8 levels, they are eligible to switch over to the swim team!