Tsunamis Swim Academy


Thank you for choosing Tsunamis Swim Academy! The following policies and procedures have been set in place to allow us to better serve you and create a smooth transition into lessons for both you and your swimmer.


  1. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class and check in with the site supervisor
  2. A bathroom break is recommended before class
  3. Children should be in proper swim wear:

For girls: One-piece suits are required (this helps keep the swimmer focused and not always tugging on their suits)

For boys: Bathing suit/swim briefs (with draw strings) or swim jammers (suit that hugs the legs – **most preferred) - no board shorts with pockets or cut-offs. (Loose clothing can make it harder for a new swimmer to float and swim as the excess fabric is heavy). We also suggest against sun shirts and rash guards as they limit a swimmer’s ability to properly move their upper body through the water.


Swim Goggles are required for all students, they help keep swimmers focused and allows them to see what they are doing under the water. They will also be required for swim team and we want to them to get comfortable with them early on.

Swim Cap if hair is chin length or longer (keeps hair out of the eyes).

Towels it can be chilly when kids exit the water, having a dry towel is helpful.

4. Parents/Guardians must stay throughout the class. Parents will be asked to stay in in the designated parent observation area (found on the east side of the deck, under the blue and white tent) in case a bathroom break or an emergency arises. It is also fun for the swimmer to sometimes demonstrate what they’ve learned to the parents at the end of class.
5. Unless you are a resident of the TCMA, and have your pass, there is NO SWIMMING before or after class.
6. It is ok for the children to eat before class. However, we ask that it be atleast 15 minutes before and that you stick with a simple, bland selection of food to keep little bellies from hurting. (We suggest staying away from dairy)


See you at the pool!!