Coach’s Role  

All Flood Aquatics Swim Team coaches have met the rigorous criteria set forth by USA Swimming to be on deck with your children.  These requirements include a criminal background check, CPR/AED course, Safety Training for Swim Coaches course (STSC), Foundations of Coaching 101, Rules and Regulations, and Athlete Protection Training.  All USA Swimming requirements must be kept current in order to be on deck. 

The head coach’s job is to supervise the entire competitive swim program.  The Flood Aquatics coaching staff is dedicated to providing a quality experience for each individual swimmer based on his/her own ability.  Therefore, the coaching staff must retain control in matters relating to training and competition.

  1. The coaches are responsible for placing swimmers in practice groups.  This is based partly on age and ability.  The coaching staff will move swimmers between groups when it is right for the swimmer.

  2. The responsibility for stroke instruction and training rests with the Flood Aquatics coaching staff.  Each group’s practice is designed based on the needs and goals of the swimmers in that group.

  3. At meets, the coaching staff will conduct and supervise warm-up procedures for the team.  The coaches will be solely responsible for offering race strategy, technical instruction and constructive criticism regarding the swimmer’s performance.  All relay teams will be determined by the coaches.

  4. All team communication will be delivered by the coaches and administrative staff.