Why Flood?

Why the name Flood Aquatics Swim Team?  There are two reasons.  First, we wanted the name of our team to have both a water element and a spiritual significance.  We loved the name Flood Aquatics but really loved the acronym FAST so we added swim team to the end and came up with Flood Aquatics Swim Team. 

In the bible, the Great Flood was the force God used to wipe out all living creatures on earth because the wickedness of man had become so great.  God could have used other forces to destroy the earth but he chose a flood.  A flood is the overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines.   

An alternate definition of a flood is an outpouring of tears and emotion.  This is the second reason for the name of the team.  While my wife and daughter were visiting family in San Diego this summer, they went to Flood Church.  It was located at a local high school and service was on a Sunday night.  There were a lot of things high school kids could be doing on a Sunday night in August.  The church was standing room only as there were hundreds of high school aged kids and young adults there to celebrate our living God, Jesus Christ.  My wife came home and I could see was moved with an outpouring of emotion from her experience at Flood Church.  

Our family voted on the name for the team and Flood Aquatics Swim Team was born.