Flood Aquatics Deck Policy

A pool deck is defined as the area behind the blocks and at the turn end of the pool or any area that the coach is working with the swimmers.  Flood Aquatics has an open deck policy.  This means that we will allow family and friends to stay and watch practice.  Spectators can watch practice from inside the Full-Page Aquatic building or from the bleachers.  We please ask that at no time during the practice you approach a swimmer.  If you need to get the attention of a swimmer please ask the coach first.  Please read the following statement from the USA Swimming rulebook.

Anyone on deck during a swim team practice must be a registered USA Swimming Coach or USA Swimming Athlete Member.  Our insurance company advises that athlete members who are NOT actively involved in the practice or swim meet should not be on deck due to problems with crowding and supervision.  For USA Swimming’s insurance to be in effect the coach must maintain direct line of sight and supervision at all times.

At no time may a swimmer on Flood Aquatics change on deck.  This is against USA Swimming regulations.  Please use the locker rooms.  At no time may a swimmer on Flood Aquatics wear a two piece bathing suit to the Full-Page Aquatic Complex.