Covid-19 Protocols

We are all doing our best to stay healthy and keep our spaces clean. For those entering the Ransom Everglades campus, we need your help affirming that you are healthy. Please ensure you have familiarized yourself with the following to ensure compliance and the overall health and safety of our environment.

Through January 14th we will require that all swimmers and coaches wear properly fitting masks at all times on campus - indoors and outdoors - except when they are swimming.  We recommend three-ply surgical or KN95 masks.  

The following policies are taken directly from the Ransom Everglades schools website.


If your child shows symptoms of illness –  such as fever, cough or runny nose – you must keep your child home.

If your child’s symptoms are consistent with COVID-19 or your symptomatic child had exposure to a COVID-19 individual, contact your primary care physician and have your child tested for COVID-19. Athletes who test negative for COVID-19 may return to campus when they are symptom/fever free for 24 hours.

Positive test


The individual must isolate (stay home from practice and isolate from other people) for five days. (The day of the positive test is day zero of the five-day isolation period, per the CDC.) To return to practice, students who test positive must not have a fever and have a doctor’s note that clears them to return to practice.  They should also wear a mask, indoors and outdoors, for an additional five days.

Ransom Everglades will notify the Florida Department of Health if any student, faculty or staff member who has been on campus tests positive for COVID-19. The school will also follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to determine close contacts.

Close Contacts

If vaccinated, the close contact:

  • does  not  have to quarantine (i.e. stay home from practice) unless the close contact is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms  
  • 2. should  be tested for COVID-19 five days after exposure to the positive individual. (A COVID-19 test is required five days after exposure if the positive individual resides in the same household.)
  • should  wear a mask for 10 days after the close contact when with others, indoors and outdoors

If not fully vaccinated, the close contact

  • must  quarantine (stay home from school) for five days
  • must  be tested for COVID-19 no earlier than day four after the close contact
  • may  return to campus after five days if the COVID-19 test is negative, and the individual is not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
  • must  wear a mask for 10 days after the close contact when with others, indoors and outdoors

Please read the following guidelines carefully. Our protocols will be strictly enforced.

Pick up and drop off


Please drop your child off on the circle or in the parking lot next closest to Main Highway. The swim groups Raiders, Performance, and Seniors can walk in on their own. All other groups are still being escorted to the pool, except for Bandits only when being dropped off for dryland.

Pick up

Please ensure timely pick up of your child so as to mitigate the possibility of them waiting on campus for prolonged periods.


Please check your email for inclement weather announcements. If we cancel practice it will be via email.  Please review the e-mail you have on file to ensure you receive updates as they are sent. 

On Deck/At Dryland

  • All athletes must wear a mask while on campus until they are instructed by a coach that it is safe for them to remove them.  
  • If there is lightning, the team will go underneath the grandstands and into the parking garage.  
  • The coaches for the Bandits, Pioneers, Sailors and Pre Team Groups will bring the athletes back to the front of campus after practice to be picked up.  

Participation in any RE Aquatic Club program is optional. Parents and swimmers should determine what is the best interest of their family?s health and safety before participating in any programming. The RE Aquatic Club respects the decision of any family or swimmer that elects not to participate due to health concerns.

Updated January 6th, 2022