We are all doing our best to stay healthy and keep our spaces clean. For those entering the Ransom Everglades campus, we need your help affirming that you are healthy. To do this at scale, we are launching a mobile app called LiveSave/WorkSafe that connects directly and securely with our campus medical services. You can download the app and create a profile in just a few minutes by clicking HERE from your phone or mobile device or by downloading the LiveSafe app from the App Store or Google Play Store. When getting started, select Ransom Everglades School. A flyer of the LiveSafe/WorkSafe app is attached.  You can see more information on LiveSave by signing into our website and click on general education.  


To attend practice each day, a swimmer must take and pass the LiveSafe/WorkSafe health screening and record a temperature no higher than 99.9 °F before leaving home. If you are symptom free, and receive the green checkmark, please save the time/date stamped confirmation and be ready to present to a coach when entering campus. This confirmation will also be emailed to the address you recorded in the screening.



Please read the following guidelines carefully. Our protocols will be strictly enforced.



Swimmers who do not abide by all of the policies described below will not be able to participate.



Pick up and drop off



When you pull into the campus please show the guard the results from your app and take a left-hand turn to park in the parking lot immediatly to your left.  When arriving please park on the side closest to Main Highway if possible and turn on your vehicles flashers.  Parents will not be allowed to exit the vehicle for any reason. Please turn on your flashers until a coach has come to your vehicle and taken the temperature of your swimmer and reviewed your health screening confirmation. Their temperature must register 99.9 °F or lower.  Parents may not wait for their swimmers on campus.  They must depart campus after drop off.  



There are ten minutes allotted for drop off and pick up. If you arrive before your assigned time, you should wait in your car until a coach approaches. If you arrive late to drop off, your child will not be able to participate in swimming that day. Students may only walk to the pool in a socially distanced line with their coach at the designated time. There will be no exceptions, so please plan to arrive early.


If you arrive late to pick up, your child will be escorted back to the pool with the next swim group. You will not be able to pick up your child until the next swim group is finished. Your account will also be charged $25 if you are late picking up. To be clear, you may not go back to the pool to pick up your child, nor can the child walk through campus to meet you. If you know that you will have an issue picking up your child, please make arrangements for your child to be picked up by someone else or please do not bring them to practice.


Swimmers walking or biking to or from campus must communicate with their coach beforehand.  They will need to wait at the front of the campus until a coach has checked their status on the app.  


Please check your email for inclement weather announcements. If we cancel practice it will be via email.  If you need to change your email now is the time to do it!  


On Deck

  • All athletes must wear a mask while on campus until they are immediately jumping into the pool.  
  • There will be no shower or locker room usage.  Please have your child ready for swimming.  
  • Swimmers must bring TWO WATER BOTTLES ALREADY FULL. They will have limited access to the water fountain.
  • There will be one bathroom open for boys and another for girls. They can only enter the bathroom one at a time. The bathrooms will be sanitized each night.  
  • Swimmers are allowed one equipment bag and one small bag for personal items. The bag full of personal items will be put in an individual spot that will be sanitized after each workout.  
  • If there is lightning, the team will go underneath the grandstands and into the parking garage.  
  • There is only one entry to the pool and one exit to the pool.  
  • All swimmers will travel in a group staying at least 6 feet apart. No one is allowed through campus without a coach.  
  • The coach will bring the athletes back to the front of campus after practice to be picked up.  
  • There will only be three swimmers per lane.  Swimmers will start at opposite ends to maintain social distancing rules.  



Participation in any RE Aquatic Club program is optional. Parents and swimmers should determine what is the best interest of their family?s health and safety before participating in any programming. The RE Aquatic Club respects the decision of any family or swimmer that elects not to participate due to health concerns.