Cruise Intervals

Cruise intervals are the results of our test set.  Everyone on the team does the same set and will be ranked from top to bottom based on results.  It is important that even within a team sport, and within group training that every individual knows exactly the times they need to go in a workout and in every set to show improvement.  This testing is also important because instead of monitoring progress only at swim meets we will be able to monitor aerobic development on a more regular basis as this is the key to development in the long term.  The time that the swimmers go in the test set directly relates to every aerobic set we do.  The faster their cruise one time the faster they need to swim in workout and times in workout relate to how fast they can swim in a meet.  

Even with the importance of this set we never compare swimmers!!  This is an individual test and as long as they do their best that is all that matters!  It is a skill to learn how to only compare individual progress, not comparative progress.  Comments like  "You didn't swim faster than Johnny at the test set" or "I'm so slow because I lost to Susy" are harmful to the long-term development of athletes and we do not use them.  We constantly remind them if they're working hard and staying faster than the last test they will improve!  


Test Set results are HERE.  

Updated Jan 8, 2021.