Swimming Lessons



If you are interested in registering for swim lessons, please click HERE. 

For ease of navigation through the site, search for classes is by using the filter function and click the session link from the drop down menu.  This will divide the lessons into different sessions.  Descriptions of each session option are outlined below.



Note: This summer we are offering two different session options:

Monthly session

Each child is offered two lessons per week and your account will be billed monthly.  This plan will automatically sign your child up for the next month.  This is the same system we had during the school year. 

On weekdays, monthly lessons will be in the evening.

In the evenings, lessons will run Monday through Friday, starting at 4:00 PM and will run for 30 minutes. There will be 10 minutes of clean up and transition between each lesson to aid with social distancing. The next lesson will begin promptly at 4:40 PM through to our last class at 6:40 PM.

Weekly sessions

Each registered child can take one block of lessons from Monday - Thursday each week.   If  multiple weeks of class are desired, registration has to be done for each desired week of lessons. This is typically the preferred option for families that are going away vacation to ensure that their children get as many lessons in as possible.

Weekly classes will be during the day. 

Morning lessons will run Monday through Thursday, starting at 8:00 AM and will run for 30 minutes. There will be 10 minutes of clean up and transition between each lesson to aid with social distancing. The next lesson will begin promptly at 8:40 AM through to our last morning class at 11:20 AM.


Swimmer qualifications

Before registering for lessons, all swim lessons participants should be able to:

  • perform 12 strokes of no breathing, getting the arms up out of the water, and kicking essentially mimicking freestyle
  • float on the stomach and then turning over on back and vice versa
  • kick on their back in a streamline 
  • move 20 feet
  • display little to no fear of the water 
  • process verbal cues and follow directions 

Note: Though not typical of swim lessons requirements, we appreciate the need to socially distance and are restricting/avoiding the need for physical contact between instructors and swimmers.


COVID-19 Changes

Swim Lessons COVID-19 protocol:


  1. Upon entering the campus, let the guard know you are attending swimming lessons.  You will be instructed to make an immediate RIGHT hand turn.  Do not go around the circle unless they tell you to. Park in our parking lot behind the auditorium and wait inside your vehicle until a coach comes to you.  If the campus is closed you will need to park off campus, walk to the gate, and let the guard know you are attending swim lessons.  You will not be able to enter campus until the coach is there to take your child's temperature.  Please respect that you will need to wait outside of campus.
  2. The coach will take the temperature of your child.  Any temperature over 99.9 degrees will not be allowed to exit the vehicle nor enter the campus.  Unfortunately, if your child has a temperature they will not be able to attend lessons that day.  This is for safety precautions.
  3. The child must have a mask on when exiting the vehicle.  
  4. The coach will escort the child to the pool to give the lesson.  Please know that NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED ON CAMPUS.  Parents will need to stay in their car or leave and come back.
  5. Following the lesson, the teacher will escort the child to the front of the school to be picked up.  
  6. Timeline is INCREDIBLY important.  You must park on campus 15 minutes before your lesson time and you must pick up your child within 10 minutes after your child's lesson time.  If you are late picking up your child more than once you will no longer be able to take lessons this summer, nor will you be refunded.  Because our lessons are expected to fill up quickly we cannot have a coach waiting around for your child to be picked up while needing to start another lesson.  
  7. Every lesson will be either a private lesson or a family lesson.  If you have multiple children that will take lessons at the same time, please email coach Max at maxgarciadelpozo@gmail.com to let him know.  He will have to make sure you can register correctly.  Because we're only offering private lessons the system is locked in at only allowing one registration time slot and he will need to add another slot for your family to register correctly.  
  8. The child needs to come in their swimsuit and be capable of removing their own outer clothing.  The coach can help them with their goggles and swim cap.  
  9. There will be only one bathroom open for use.  This is not for changing clothing nor can a coach help your son or daughter use the bathroom.  
  10. Please make sure the child brings a water bottle.  They will not be permitted to use a water fountain while on campus.