Swim team groupings


Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club applies several criteria in determining group placement within our club. These include the age of the swimmer, their ability, and their commitment level. We recognize that not everyone develops at the same rate, and as such, we seek to allow each young athlete the appropriate space to grow and enjoy their experience in our club and our sport.  If you have a question about group placement please reach out to our head coach, Kyle Hastings.  




Sailors 1 - 4

Ages: 5-10

Three workouts per week are recommended.


For the Sailors schedule please click HERE

Please note that to attend Friday classes you must sign up for the class each week.  Friday classes will be first come first served.  


This is the first point of entry into our team. Swimmers in this group have completed swimming lessons and should be acquainted with all four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. In the Sailors group, swimmers are learning proficiency in all four competitive strokes through a series of progressive drills that suit the sensibilities of young children. There is no difference in ability between group 1 and group 2, as they are scheduled to provide convenience for our clients. Sailors are expected to participate in practice swim meets at our pool as well as traveling to local swim meets with their teammates in preparation for full competitive swimming.


Explorers Group

Ages: 10-14

For the Explorers schedule please click HERE.  Four workouts per week are reccomended.  


The Explorers group recognizes that developing swimming skills happens at different ages for different kids. This group is to help those swimmers transition to Raiders or Bandits depending on their age.


Its focus is on the 10-14 year olds who are still developing their strokes and not yet at the proficiency to train at the level of Bandits or Raiders. Multi-sport athletes may also find this group beneficial as swimming will continue to provide a great endurance base for them.


Pioneers Group

Ages: 8-12

For the Pioneers schedule please click HERE.  Four workouts per week are reccomended.  


Our transition group between the Sailors and the Bandits, the formation of Pioneers group recognizes the significant shift from those who have just completed our swim lessons to those who are preparing to become competitive swimmers. 


With this in mind, this is really our Bandits preparation group. It is designed to help the kids learn the skills needed to be in the Bandits group such as reading the clock and learning interval times, in addition to taking on greater challenges than those offered to a child who has just completed swim lessons.


Bandits Group

Ages: 8-12

Four to five workouts per week are recommended, however, it is not required.


For the Bandits schedule please click HERE.


The first of our competitive groups, the Bandits are learning about the relationship between practicing and competing. The technique is emphasized a lot in this group so as to create complete proficiency in all four strokes. Basic cardiovascular training is introduced to complement the new techniques learned. This is meant to create confidence at swim meets which are more frequently attended by this group than the Sailors.




Raiders Group

Ages: 11-13

Six workouts per week are recommended, but it is not required. Please talk with coach Franz about your child's individual schedule as not everyone follows this recommendation, especially swimmers that are new to the sport.


For the Raiders schedule please click HERE.


Generally consisting of swimmers who are already competitive, the Raiders group forms the bridge between introductory competitive swimmers and our senior swimmers. The athletes in this group are learning to train, and understand what a swimming season looks like. There is still an emphasis on technique, however, at this stage, the volume of work is gradually increased in order to prepare for endurance events at competitions. This group ought to be committed to competing for the club, as their swimming becomes more results driven.


Everglades Group

Ages:  Ransom Everglades Middle School & Older

The Everglades Group was formed to allow students who attend RE Middle School and some Upper School Students the chance to swim competitively in a year round program. Serving swimmers at various levels, athletes in this group will improve technique, learn about training systems, and gain proficiency in all four competitive strokes. This group swims from Monday to Friday after school, except during water polo season. and is open to Ransom Everglades students only.



Multi-Sport Athlete Group

Ages:  12 and up


See performance group times. Only three workouts per week are allowed.


Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club recognizes the need for maturing athletes who are not yet ready to specialize, to have opportunities for their various activities. To that end, this group is designed for athletes playing multiple sports, who may not be able to make a swimming workout due to another sport. The practices here are meant to develop the swimmer while supplementing training that would occur in the athlete's other sporting activities.


Athletes interested in the Multi-Sport Athlete Group must consult with one of the coaches before being placed in this group. Once accepted into this group the member has access to weekly AM workouts and afternoon dryland practice. Swimmers may not substitute an AM workout for a PM workout or an AM workout for a Saturday workout.




Performance Group

Ages:  13 and over


Recommended workouts per week:

Seven workouts per week for 13-year-old athletes.

Eight workouts per week for 14-year-old athletes.

Nine workouts per week for 15 and older athletes.

** Please talk with coach Kyle about your child's individual schedule as not everyone follows these recommendations, especially swimmers that are new to the sport.


Workout days and times:


For the Performance schedule please click HERE.


Athletes entering the Performance Group must display a strong desire to perform at their maximum capacity. Training is designed to develop each individual's talents and will provide a strong aerobic background. Athletes in the Performance Group who engage in other activities are expected to balance their commitment to swimming with these activities.




Senior Group

Ages:  13 and over


For the Senior schedule please click HERE.


The Senior Group consists of fully committed, year-round swimmers who strive to attend 100 percent of prescribed workouts, desire to compete on a national level, and are also close to a national-time standard. This focus of this group is to ready emerging swimmers high-level regional and national competition and eventually, collegiate recruitment.