Pine Crest Diving Host the David Nielsen Invitational

Christopher Morris

Pine Crest Diving hosted the David Nielsen Invitational Comeback

March 26th, 2022


Pine Crest Diving parents hosted the 18th Annual David Nielsen Invitational comeback at the Pine Crest School-Ft. Lauderdale campus for the first time in three years since the last one was hosted on March 16th, 2019. The 18th David Nielsen Invitational was originally scheduled for March 14th 2020, but due to the covid pandemic, the Pine Crest School announced a total school closure the day before the meet was scheduled. We're back now!

Team Results

Pine Crest Diving won the 2022 David Nielsen Invitational Championship Team Awards Overall including both Men and Women’s Team points over the 2nd place Jupiter team. The St Petersburg Club Diving, Inc won the Championship Team Awards for Women with 71 team points ahead of Jupiter Diving with 57 team points and Pine Crest 54 team points.

Pine Crest Diving won the Championship Team Award for Men with 130 team points ahead of the Jupiter Diving Club that scored 122 team points. The six Pine Crest Dive-Gym boys diving in their first-ever diving meet scored a total of 14 team points competing on 1-meter that enabled the Men’s team victory.  

Junior Team: Sara Steele, Ellie Jacobi; Mason Starkman, Blake Van Tassell, Max Starkman, Allen Levitis, Levi Girardin, Ashton Jacobi, Davin Girardin