Welcome to Plantation Swim Team

Hello PST Families,

For our newer families we wanted to give some more information to help you understand the world of competitive swimming.

Plantation Swim Team is a member of United States Swimming and we are a competitive swim team. We are a year-round program that is split into two seasons - Short Course Yards (SCY) and our Long Course Meters (LCM) seasons. Short Course season takes place from August-April. Long course season takes place from April- August. Within each season we have different competitions, or “swim meets”. Some are more advanced which will be for our older/more experienced swimmers or swimmers who have achieved qualifying standards (times for specific events that must be met to compete in that event) designated for that meet. At the end of each season, we have our “Championship Season”. The meets during the Championship Season are the most important meets during the year and are used by both the swimmers and the coaches to determine what progress was made over the season. Championship meets will have Qualifying Standards. As the meets become more challenging the Qualifying Standard will become faster.  You can find the current time standards for our championship meets under the Time Standards tab on the website. The B/C, B/B Championship meets are listed under the USA Motivational Times.

Our youngest group is the Junior Piranhas (JRP), coached by Coach Hannah and Coach Dolores, where we introduce all the four strokes and begin to teach them the proper techniques and increase their stamina. This group is a pre/intro to competition group. We do not require competitions, but we strongly recommend them. Our coaching staff will not enter swimmers into meets that we do not feel they are ready for. We want all our swimmers to be successful. The meets we usually recommend are the Blue and White meets that are held at our pool. These are usually just our team or our team and one other from our area. This is a great way to experience what a smaller scale swim meet would look like. Another meet we recommend for our 8&U intro swimmers are the Sizzlers. These meets each swimmer will swim a 25 of each stroke.

The next group after the Junior Piranhas is the Age Group II (AG2) group coached by Coach Dolores. In this group we continue to build upon the understanding and development of the 4 strokes. We increase practice time and number of practices per week. We introduce dryland (exercises done upon land) to our swimmers. This helps them build strength that will translate into better body position and strength in the water. Practice attendance is suggested to be 3-5 times a week for this group and an increase in swim meet participation is encouraged.

After Age Group II, we have Age Group I (AG1) coached by Coach Hannah. In AG 1, we increase swimmers’ stamina, swimming knowledge and work on improving technique and speed. Practice time is bumped up from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. We continue with dryland to increase their strength and help that translate into faster swimming. The goal for this group is to come to minimum of 5 practices a week and compete in the designated practices required by the coaching staff and compete in the championship meet each swimmer has individually qualified for at the end of the season.

Once the swimmers have completed the requirements to be promoted from AG 1, they move to the Senior (SEN) group with Coach Terrell. This group is our highest level at PST. During the short course season, from August to April we offer 2 early morning workouts, 5 afternoon workouts, and 1 Saturday morning workout per week. With the increase in workouts, we also increase dryland, offering the swimmers to join Orangetheory Classes provided by the booster club. Swimmers compete in designated meets assigned based on training/competition ability and are expected to maintain the highest percentage practice attendance possible.

2021 Meet Assignments by Group:

Listed below are the meets that we recommend swimmers in each group attend. You let the coaching staff know if you are willing to participate in the designated meet by signing your swimmers up using our Team Unify website by the registration deadline.  

Junior Piranhas:

Age Group III:

Age Group II:

Age Group I:


How to Sign up for Swim Meet:

  1. Sign into www.swimpst.com, using your username and password. These can be found in the first email you received from TeamUnify.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and find the meet you would like to enter.
  3. Click on edit commitment.
  4. Find your swimmers name and left click.
  5. Drop down box, click yes.
  6. Write notes if necessary (ex: my swimmer can only attend the Saturday session of meet.)
  7. Save changes at bottom.

Weather/Practice Cancellations:

If there are upcoming changes to our schedule or practice cancellations, we will use Team Unify and the Remind app to notify our families. If we must cancel our practices with little to no notice, usually due to lightning in the area, we will use the Remind App to get that information out to families as soon as possible. As a coaching staff we rarely cancel our workouts due to lightning until at the last minute because living in South Florida our weather can change at the drop of a hat. We want to give our swimmers every opportunity to swim each day even if it is for a reduced time. We understand that some of you drive a long way, and we understand if you make the decision to not travel to Central Park if you feel the weather is poor.  If you do not receive any notification from us about pool closures, the pool is open.

  • To sign up for the remind app simply text @k227h6 to the number 81010.
  • You can also join our group by going to www.remind.com/join/k227h6