We will be using this page to update you about the next Sunrise-Hosted Meet: IMR IMX Challenge Friday, April 29 - Sunday, May 1, 2022.  




Sat Heat Sheet

Sun Heat Sheet

Psych sheet

There is no longer a mask requirement when inside City buildings. 

Tent set up is Friday, April 29th at 10am.  Please don't come before then, as the pool opens at 10am.  Swimmer/team tents are to be set up on the north side of the pool deck and in the grass.  No parent tents on this side of the pool.

Friday:  deck opens at 3:30pm, warm up at 4:30pm, meet starts at 5:30pm.

Saturday and Sunday:  deck opens at 7am, warm up at 7:30am, meet starts at 8:30am.


Pool entry for swimmers, coaches, officials will be through the back east gate.

Pool entry for spectators and volunteers is through the building; entry is either through the rotunda or the east doors.  Spectators will have a $5 entry fee - CASH only.  We not be selling heat sheets.  Heat sheets will be posted on this page.

All spectators will be given a wrist band once they pay.  They will be allowed to enter and exit at the back east gate as long as they are wearing the wrist band.  Spectators will not be able to pay to enter at the back east gate.

We will be running a closed deck:  Parents will sit on the south side of the pool by the bleachers; parents are allowed to set up tents, but not on the bleachers or under the scoreboard.  Parents can bring chairs.  Swimmers will be on the north side of the pool.  Since this is a long course meet, no tents on the west side of the pool.


We appreciate everyone following the above guidelines.