2022 FG Junior Olympics

Coach Alfredo
2022 FG Junior Olympics 2022

Thank you to all our swimmers, parents, coaches and officials for a very positive 2022 so far. Overall best times was about  86% and considering its year 2022 we will take the very strong finishing a great season.

  • TS Aquatics finished as 18th Combined Team Overall
  • Up 7 spots from 2021
  • Tripled team points 
  • 7/10 swimmers made finals
  • 7 team records
  • 3 All-Star elegible.
Top 3:
Roberto Gossmann
Miles Green
Allyson Lake

Top 10:
Miles Green
Allyson Lake
Piero Tordecilla
Juan Leon

Top 20:
Valentina Ordonez
Aaleyah Osouna
Sergey Peshkov
Abigail Pierre
Amyrah Poitier

Thank you everyone again for a very positive weekend. To our swimmers for striving through a very difficult time.

Championship Season is here!!!

Let’s Go TS!!!

TS Aquatics Staff

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