Swim Fort Lauderdale Age Group Training Groups


*All group placements or group moves are the sole decision/responsibility of the SFTL Coaching Staff *


Age Group Blue:

Ages 11-14 years. This group is for advanced age group swimmers. Selected by Age Group Blue Coach, Age Group White Coach and Head Age Group Coach. Entrance into the AG Blue Group requires a high level of year-round commitment for age group swimming. Attendance Goal: 80% practice attendance. Group Goals: FGC JO's or National A Time Standards. Group Focus: The responsibility for one's swimming is now shifting to the athlete's responsibility at this stage/level of swimming.; continued focus on the aerobic side of workouts with increased intensity and duration; continuation of developing race skills and strategies; being a team player; self-responsibility; sportsmanship; importance of nutrition and the increased importance of dryland in the weekly schedule. Athletes should strive to participate in at least one meet every month of each swim season. Recommend 5-6 practices per week.


Age Group Yellow I & Yellow II:

Ages 9-12 years. These groups are for intermediate to advanced age group swimmers.  Selected by Age Group Yellow Coach, Rising Stars Coach, and Head Age Group Coach. Swimmers will be introduced to endurance training with a strong focus on proper stroke technique and skills. Attendance Goal:  4 workouts per week. Group Goals:  Participants are able to complete a legal 200 IM and looking to achieve National "B" & "BB" times.  Group Focus: Building increased endurance (first phases of training) with the ongoing stroke work shared equally in practice time; continuation of learning how to race; self-responsibility; being a great teammate; sportsmanship and increased dryland. Athletes should strive to participate in at least one meet every other month of each swim season. Swimmers will practice 75 minutes (Yellow) or 90 minutes (White)


Rising Stars:

Ages 6-10 years. This level/group is structured to prepare children for competition participation and will continue to develop skills in all four strokes. Children must be able to swim 25 yards legally of all four strokes and perform a legal 100IM.  Selected by Rising Stars Coach, Starfish Coach and Head Age Group Coach. Attendance Goal: Participate in 3 practices per week. Due to the ongoing learning stroke progressions, the athlete should maintain weekly attendance throughout the duration of the season for maximum development and improvement. Group Focus: Daily stroke work; introduction to primary racing skills and situations; being a teammate; team pride;; introduction to dryland.



Ages 5-8 years. This is a pre-competitive group designed to introduce the basics of competitive swimming in a fun learning environment. Children should be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle & backstroke and have a working knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly. Selected by Starfish Coach, Swim School Director and Head Age Group Coach. Attendance Goal:  Participate in 2-3 classes per week. with 8-week sessions. Group Focus: Learning/acquiring of four (4) competitive strokes; handling self in a group (team) setting; team pride; introduction to dryland.  *Swimmers are expected to be able to work independently of their parents throughout the duration of the practice period.