Swim Fort Lauderdale Senior Training Groups


*All group placements or group moves are the sole decision/responsibility of the SFTL Coaching Staff*


Senior Gold Group:

*Admittance- Selected by SFTL Head Coach*

Entrance into the National Group requires a very special commitment aimed at success on the National and International level. Minimum of 2 Sectional cuts; ability to make Junior National Standards in high school; ability to handle strenuous aerobic workouts; and proven workout attendance record. Purpose of the National Group is to provide athletes in the Swim Fort Lauderdale program who possess the talent & dedication, and desire, and opportunity to pursue success at the elite levels of competitive swimming. Long course training and competing has a high priority. Individuals must have proven team spirit, positive attitude, attendance commitment and leadership qualities. Goal of 100% practice attendance.


Senior Silver Group:

Ages 14-18. Entrance into this group requires a level of commitment in attendance, attitude and work ethic above what the athlete has done previously. Tougher Senior level training both in the water and dryland begins. Proper technique and skills are a must. Should have FGC State qualifying times and a desire to attain higher standards. Selection decided by Head Coach and Age Group Blue Coach.


Senior Bronze I & II Group(s):

Ages 14-18. This group is for high-school age swimmers who want to continue their training and skill work, but not at the same commitment level as Senior Silver. Senior Bronze swimmers may attend 4 practices per week.  The Senior Bronze Group is one of the first steps to senior level swimming.  Excellent for swimmers focused on high school swimming or first time year-round swimmers.