Aquatic Center Project Update (10/14/2020)


We have a great team of dedicated workers led by Hensel Phelps Construction Company working hard for our City.  The concrete fountain slab for the grandstand and pool filtration room was poured last week and this week a team of skilled masons have started on the concrete block work for the pool filtration building walls.  There are 35 piles that will  support the new dive tower over and the last several weeks the foundation team has been laboriously excavating and cutting them down to the correct height.  The entrance building piles are be excavated and the elevator foundation is being formed.


The competition pool and dive well concrete shells are complete. All deep foundation work is complete.  Project staff, including City staff Laura Voet and Tom Green, are  traveling to Orlando Friday, October 16 to visit the Gate Precast Co. batch plant to approve the concrete mockup samples for the 27-Meter Dive Tower.  Fabrication of the precast sections is expected to begin late October and completed by late December.  Dive Tower pieces will start arriving mid-January and construction of the dive tower will begin February 2021.  The pool deck is expected to be poured once the dive tower erection is completed – mid March 2021.


There are two executed agreements, each has a separate timeline.


Contract 1 - Pools, Bleachers, Dive Tower Entry Building, Dive Tower with Amenity Deck

Estimated Completion Date is August 2021. 

The first contract contains the base scope items: new competition pool, new diving well, new teaching pool, refurbished training pool, new grandstand and bleachers, new entrance building (guest restrooms/concession/admissions), expanded pool deck, resurfacing the training pool, and parking lot improvements.  Change orders that have been added into the contract include a 27-meter dive tower and a rooftop amenity space on top of the spectator bathroom/concession/ticketing building.  We expect to cut a ribbon and open the pools August 2021.  TOTAL Budget for First Contract (including change orders) is $38.75 Million


Contract 2 – South Building (Athlete Locker Rooms, Timing Rooms, Aquatic Staff Offices, Meetings Rooms, Lifeguards and First Aid)

Estimated Completion Date is first quarter of 2022. 

HP has an interim agreement to begin design and cost estimating for the South Building.  The total budget for the project is $7M. Since August, we have been working diligently with the HP and their team on the design of the South Building.  The goal is to present this design to the Commission this December with a final defined price and scope to award a construction agreement.  Assuming a December award, HP could begin demolition in January 2021 and have the building constructed the first quarter of 2022.  If there are delays in the approval process, permitting,  supply chain or weather the completion date will change.



Aquatic Center Project Update (09/05/2020)

The jobsite will be closed for Labor Day, however the Hensel Phelps team has been working hard all summer building new pools for our City.

Next week we will see the concrete poured for the dive well walls, this work will take between 8-10 hours and includes an estimated 500 cubic yards of concrete. 

A new exfiltration trench is being excavated on the north side of the property down the parking lot, electrical and plumbing work is going in for the pool filtration systems.

Work continues on the north side building foundations and utilities. 

Design work continues on the27M dive tower and south locker room building.  Demolition for the south building is estimated to start the beginning of next year, 2021.





The Diving Well has seen a lot of work over the summer.

June 10: Tremie Seal – Lower Floor foundation = 1,197 cys, 136 trucks of concrete

August 4:  Dive Well Floor = 355 cys, 36 trucks

September 11:  Dive Well Walls = Estimating 500 cys, first 80 cyc will be a Xypex waterproofing mix

The foundations are completed in one continuous pour with the cement trucks arriving within the

shortest interval as possible from Port Everglades.

After the floor foundations were poured, the work on the walls was next.  The yellow plastic is to

protect the sheet piles. The sheet piles will be removed after the concrete has set.

Dive Well steel structure and form boards


Main Competition Pool

Most of the sheet piles have been removed around the 50M pool and plumbing work continues for the filtration system.

June 18:  Floor = 620cys, 68 trucks

July 2 & 9:  Walls =  Combined 165 cys of concrete

Pool plumbing between main competition pool and training pool



Aquatic Center Project Update (03/10/2020)


Revised Opening Date:

  • July 1, 2021 – with current FPL impacts
  • Construction Timeline:  April 2019 – July 2021


Sheet & Auger Cast Piling:

The sheet pile work is scheduled to be completed this week and will be followed by auger cast piles.   We need roughly 500 new piles for the project.

  • H&J Foundations – Contractor


Dewatering - Demolition:

The installation of the dewatering system at the main competition pool is underway to allow demolition to commence for the remaining pool bottom and then new construction.

  • Griffin Dewatering - Contractor
  • Pece of Mind - Demolition Contractor



Work this week to provide power to the dewatering system for the main competition pool.

  • Hypower Electric - Contractor



  • FPL is working on the redesign for a new switching order to remove the old vault under the grandstands
  • The new switching order date is now tentatively planned for April 1, 2020.  
  • Once FPL work is complete, the demolition of the remaining grandstands and the competition pool will commence followed by the installation of the roughly 500 piles required to support the entire facility.


Hilton Curio - Hotel Maren:

  • Laurie Marchwinski and I had a hard hat tour on Monday. 
  • The hotel is taking reservations now for September 2020.