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 28th Annual Valentines Meet in Clearwater, FL February 2020:.

  • First, Cecilia McCloskey, 8 swims, 8 USMS National Records.
    •  (W70-74): 50, 100, 200 Back, 50 Fly, 100, 200, 400 IM and 500 Free
    • SFTL also had a couple “High Point” winners for the meet; Katie Stutz (W35-39) and Cecilia



Cecilia McCloskey                                        Linda Larson/Katie Stutz


Cecilia McCloskey

Florida Gold Coast LMSC

2019 Swimmer of the Year




Feb. 17-19: 26th Annual Fort Lauderdale Masters Challenge 

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The first FINA / UANA Masters Coaches Clinic was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in conjunction with the South American Masters Championships.  The South American Masters Championships was an ideal location to host this first clinic, with over 1200 Swimmers representing 130 Clubs throughout South America.

The presentations given by Bill Brenner, US Masters Swimming COO/Director of Education, and Marty Hendrick, US Masters Swimming Coach were outstanding.  There were 50+ coaches from 9 Federations in South America who attended the Clinic.  The clinic lasted 4 hours and they wanted more.  The objective of the clinic was to teach a simple progression of drills for all four competitive strokes, so swimmers and coaches can enjoy swimming and have a healthy lifestyle.  
While there have been many other Coaches Clinics around the world, this was the first Clinic just for Masters Coaches. The objective was to show coaches how to understand the adult athlete and how to teach the adult athlete with a simple drill progression in each stroke.
I wish to thank CONSANAT President Juan Carlos Orihuela for his support, and the support of CONSANAT of Masters Swimming.  Thanks also to Fernando Terrilli, president of the Argentine Swimming Federation for his support of this project.  His administrators, Julio Clement, Secretary General and Sergio Antonini, Vice President, provided  leadership and hospitality to me and our coaches.  Thanks to US Masters Swimming for providing quality instructors for this international project
A final THANK YOU to FINA and UANA for their constant support of Masters Swimming.  
This Clinic was more successful that I could have imagined, and was regarded a "Home Run" !


SFTL Masters:  2016 USMS Summer Nationals Championship Club!

Portland, OR

SFTL Masters:  2015 USMS Summer Nationals Championship Club!

Geneva, OH

2015 National Championship Video





SFTL Masters:  2015 USMS Spring Nationals 7th Place Club!

San Antonio, TX




SFTL Masters:  2014 NE LMSC SCM Championships 1st Place Small Team!

Boston, MA




SFTL Masters:  2014 USMS Summer Nationals Championship Club!

College Park, MD




SFTL Masters:  2013 Dixie Zone SCM Championship Club!

Orlando, FL



72-100 Men's Relay USMS National Record Setting Relay:

200 Medley Relay (1:48.99)

400 Medley Relay (3:56.49)

400 Free Style Relay (3:37.62)


Vicente Andrade, Kristof Kertesz, Jorge Andrade & Enzo Pazos



SFTL Masters Coaches, Megan Lassen & Marty Hendrick with Olympic Gold

Medalist Rowdy Gaines, host of the 2013 Dixie Zone SCM Championships.



SFTL Masters:  2013 USMS Summer Nationals 7th Place Club!

Mission Viejo, CA




SFTL Masters:  2012 USMS Summer Nationals 4th Place Club!

Omaha, NE



January 16, 2012 6am

SFTL Masters 1st Workout

Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex



SFTL Masters 1st Day Open House

January 16, 2012