Gulliver Swim Club Registration and Fees 


Like all amateur sports in the United States, competitive swimming teams are supported by fees paid or raised by the member families. We are proud of the fact that our team’s fees are among the lowest in the country for a program of our scope and magnitude. 


Coaching Fees 

Upon your acceptance to the Gulliver Swim Club, you will be signed up for automatic payments of your monthly coach fees. Every member must be signed up for automatic payments; Visa, Mastercards, and Discovery are accepted credit cards. Your credit card is only charged on the 1st day of every month. Please contact a coach via email if you wish to cancel or suspend your membership. Otherwise, charges will continue to accrue.


Training Group Monthly Fees: 

Bronze- $90.00

Silver- $100.00

Gold- $110.00

Senior Prep- $120.00

Senior- $130.00

Masters- $80.00


Annual Family Assessment Fee

The Family Assessment Fee is an annual fee of $150.00 charged to each Gulliver Swim Club family. The Masters Swimmers will be charged a $100 annual assessment fee unless you have a child who participates on the team. The annual fees help fund the operating budget of the Gulliver Swim Club which includes: equipment purchases and maintenance, coaches meet expenses, funds to send coaches and athletes to clinics, meet official registrations, and other general operating and facility expenses. This annual budget exceeds $70,000.00; therefore, Family Assessments are essential for the operation of our organization.

● This is an annual one-time payment per family. 


USA Swimming Registration Fee 

USA Swimming is the governing body of competitive swimming in the United States. This organization provides our rules and regulations, officials, and insurance. All members of the Gulliver Swim Club, with the exception of the Masters Program, must complete this form and provide a copy of their birth certificate. The cost is $80.00 for one year of liability coverage and membership with USA Swimming. The upcoming yearly registration form releases in September of each year so we will register all existing members for the 2022 season at that time. Each registration is valid until December 31st, 2022.

● This is a yearly one-time payment per athlete