Program Information

Welcome to the Gulliver Swim Club Masters! We are proud to be affiliated with the Gulliver School and the Gulliver Swim Club, a rising swimming power in the Florida Gold Coast and the State of Florida.  Gulliver Swim Club Masters is a registered United States Masters Swimming club in Miami, Florida.  Members must be 18 years or older, and ability levels vary from swimmers who have college swimming experience to athletes learning competitive strokes, flip turns, and the technical aspects of the sport. We deliver a fun, healthy, and supportive environment that will allow each individual to reach his or her fitness and competitive goals. Training is geared to each person’s needs whether they swim for fitness, competition, or triathlons. There is a friendly, helpful, and competitive environment at all workouts.

Workouts are as challenging as you like!

Workouts focus on:

• Fitness and endurance

• Proper form and technique

• Maintaining race-paced swimming, kicking, drill work, pulling, and fin work