Age Group Dryland Equipment:

   You may purchase any type of jump rope or stretch cord you prefer/can afford, but these are our suggested options.

Jump Rope: Click Here   Any adjustable jump rope is a great option, especially for growing athletes. 

Stretch Cord: Click Here for Option 1    Click Here for Option 2 Option 3

( these are links to multiple cord options- if buying individually, I recommend at least 3 different weight options, a light under 10 lbs of resistance, and two that are gradually more resistant) 

Yoga Mat: Optional, click here

Club to provide: Theraband for preventative/proactive therapy work for shoulders


Pool Equipment:

While you are purchasing dryland equipment, please check with your children to make sure they have the following gear in their swimming bags:

Required for Senior Prep and Gold:

-Snorkel     Option 1:    Option 2

-Fins.  If your swimmer has fins that work well and fits well, what they have is fine. If you are buying a new bc of fit, we would like all swimmers to move toward a shaped/spliced fin. 

Examples of this include:

Arena Power Fin, Speedo Bio Fuse, Sporti Training Fin ( best value), TYR Stryker, 

-Fingertip paddles

-Pull Buoy Full size- no JR sizes


Please see a coach with any questions- GO RAIDERS!