Heritage Aquatic Team


Dear Parents,

Please read the following team policies regarding swim meet entry fees charges on your account.

This policy has been in effect since 2002 (Meet Entry Fee and Local Travel Meet Fee.)

Meet entry fees include: (but not limited to)

Entry fees (by events or per meet such as for the Sizzler meet)
Facility surcharge (This changes based on meet host and location)
Coaching fee $5.00 per session (Prelims and Finals will be $10.00)


Travel Meets (in state driving distance / non USA Swimming Championships.

1.  Entry fees per events
2.  Facility surcharge
3.  Coaching fee ($5.00 per session)
4.  Travel fee for coaches (Transportation & Lodging) will be divided by participants


Travel Meets – USA Swimming Championships or sanctioned championship meets
                         (Junior National, Grand Prix, US Open and Olympic Trials)

Swimmer’s expense can be reimbursed to swimmer based on the meets by Florida Gold Coast Swimming
​                     Example:  2016  Grand Prix ($300.00) to Olympic Trial ($1,200.00)


Some limitation apply
Detailed form and application available at fgcswim.org (FORM section)

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Tan.

Thank you for understanding and support.