Jupiter Dragons Swim Team


1. Monthly Membership Free

In consideration of the participation of the swimmer(s) in Jupiter Dragons Swim Team competitive program, the Parent/Guardian agrees to pay the monthly membership fee for the Swimmer’s practice group that is set forth. Monthly membership fees shall be paid on the first day of each month. The monthly membership fee may be prepaid at any time. Swimmers are expected to pay for the entire month no matter how many days they attend practice. All fees are non-refundable and the County does not pro-rate. If the Swimmer is transferred to a different group by the coaching staff, the fees for the new group will be due in the next month.

There is no pro-rating of the monthly fees for months that we take breaks. These breaks have been factored in when calculating the monthly membership fees.

If the monthly membership fee is not received in full by the end of the month, the swimmer will not be allowed to practice until payment is received by the County.

The County accepts 3 forms of payment:

1. Credit card payment at the pool cashier and setting up auto billing please specifying first and last name of the swimmer(s) and group.

1. Personal Check payable to BOCC - please write in the memo section first and last name of the swimmer(s), group and month. The new requirement of the County is to include your Driver’s license number on the check. Checks may be dropped in the “Box” which is located by the Pool Manager’s office or given to the Pool Cashier at the front during office hours at the North County Aquatic Complex or mailed to:

North County Aquatic Complex

861 Toney Penna Drive

Jupiter, FL 33458

3. Set up AUTO payments trough your bank.

For bank payments you will need to give them the pool address:

North County Aquatic Complex

861 Toney Penna Drive

Jupiter FL 33458

You have to specify – payment to BOCC, first and last name of the swimmer(s) and group. The new requirement of the County is to include your Driver’s license number on the check.

When you do your payment refer to the following fee schedule:

Purple Groups $ 90 / month

Orange Group $ 95 / month

Green I Group $ 95 / month

Green II Group $ 100 / month

Red Group $ 105 / month

Elite Group $ 110 / month

Blue - Junior Group $ 115 / month

Blue - Senior Group $ 120 / month

National Development Group - $ 130.00 / month

Half Month $ 65

1:1 Clinic $ 40

Stroke Clinic (2 or more swimmers) $ 30 each

Please note that if you have missed a payment your current payment will be applied for the missing month.

Monthly membership fees are subject to change as advised by Palm Beach County Parks & Rec.


2. USA Swimming Registration. It is an Annual Membership from January 1st through December 31st.

All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming Inc.
Starting September, 2022 all USA Swimming member registrations and renewals will be completed online.

The registration is due upon new membership registration and upon renewal of memberships in December.

There are 2 kinds of USA Swimming membership:

1. PREMIUM Membership Registrattion is for all ages allowing unlimited participation in sanctiioned swim meets of All Levels for the year.

2. FLEX  Membership Registration is for 12&Under swimmers and allows them to compete in 2 sanctioned swim meets below LCS Championship, ZONE, SECTIONAL & NATIONAL LEVELS.


3. New Member Registration

New swimmers are responsible for a $35.00 team registration fee upon enrollment. They will receive a DRAGONS swim cap and t-shirt. Check should be made payable to JDST which stands for Jupiter Dragons Parent Organization.


Transferring to another team

When transferring to another team:

1. All financial obligations must be met before transference will be released.

2. USA Swimming Rule 203.3 states that For a swimmer to represent a USA Swimming club in a competitive event, one hundred and twenty (120) consecutive days must have elapsed without the swimmer having represented any other USA Swimming Club in USA Sanctioned Swimming Competition. What this means is a swimmer must swim Unattached (UN) for a period of 120 days from his/her last date where he/she swam in a USA Sanctioned Swimming Competition meet and represented a USA-S club.

We use the USA-S Transfer Forms to convey transfers to the LSC Registrar, so proper "Last Attached" dates can be recorded to SWIMS and new attach dates can be determined.

If a swimmer's USA-S Registration has expired and the swimmer is transferring to a new club, the USA-S Registration CANNOT be processed until a Transfer form is received by the LSC Registrar.


If a swimmer has a Transfer processed, the LSC Registrar enters the last date of competition in the swimmer's transfer record and SWIMS calculates the date on which the swimmer may begin representing his/her new club. This "Re-Attach Date" is plainly printed on the swimmers new USA Swimming Card and the swimmer must swim Unattached (UN) until that date.